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  1. by   TallyJofutureRN
    HI!! I had to chime in here with my experience! I am a RN student and I am PREGNANT! 14 weeks and due in Feb....I just finished my second semester of school and I am able to do clinicals classmate is 30 weeks pregnant and did clinicals too..lots and lots of girls do it....not only am I pregnant but I have 4 other children too...IT CAN BE DONE!!! I am not saying that it is easy but I made it through so far and my last semester I had a 4.0 GPA...and you know what life is hard sometimes and it doesn't work out the way we want it too most of the time but you take what comes and you work through it..I for one believe that every baby is a life that should be born (not trying to start a debate just trying to give a view from the other side) I had an abortion once upon a time and for me it wasn't easy it was just horrible and I still have issues about doing it BUT with all of that said please consider trying school and if it gets to be too much you can always drop out and try again later ...Best of luck to you and blessings!!!
  2. by   HM2VikingRN
    Quote from jaky_speaks
    I've been talking with my husband all day. Thank you all for your encouragement (either way) I'll get a accurate blood test this week. We think that the possibilty of school and being pregnant is not possible. My school dosn't let me do clinicals if I have any kind of restrictions (esp. pregnancy!) , so yea, it would boot me out. We are kind of a loner couple, we don't have a support system, so even if I delay school, I'd have a baby to care for that we really couldn't put into any kind of child care. It's sad to think that I can't be preg. and go to school, even though I know I would be a "trooper". But, I hope that this decision is best for the future of myself and any children I bring into it later. I really want to go to school....Just keep me in your prayers- Thanks again for your replys.

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    Don't withdraw until you have a chance to talk the issues over with your adviser at school. I think it was Winston Churchill who said never never never giveup. I think a lot of people are pulling for you adn are more than willing to help you problem solve this. Wishing you the very best!
  3. by   wildmountainchild
    O.K., sorry, it's the voice of dissent again. Just piping up to say "It's O.K. to consider abortion." Sure babies are miracles. But 6 billion miracles is a lotta miracles.

    I hear what others are saying about making it through school preganant and I have the utmost respect for women who can do that. I would not be able to though. School is tough, nursing school in particular. Nursing school, while pregnant and trying to maintain a marriage is even tougher. I would want my marriage and family to have the strongest foundation possible. Two loving parents with established careers, steady incomes and a mutual decision to start a family should be the minimum requirements.

    I guess I just don't understand why others on this post are of the opinion that the OP HAS to have this baby at all costs. Even if the costs are a career and a marriage. Sure, a lot of you have done it and succeeded. Good for you! But I don't think you are in the majority, that's part of what makes your achievements so special, so many others who try to have and raise children while pursuing an education fail.

    To just blindly say that she'll make it through and walk into the rainbow when she has already mentioned a lack of a support system and funds is a bit irresponsible I feel. (Maybe I'm biased becasue my own mother really, really wanted kids (and had us) when she wasn't ready. She loves us, but we did suffer because of her unpreparedness. She should have waited until she had her career established. It's hard to raise two kids while your uneducated and poor. The finacial stresses split my parents up by the time I was eight).

    And I know a ******* ton of babymommas in the same boat. It's the hardest and most important thing you will ever do. Please have the resources in place before you do it. That's how I feel.
  4. by   VickyRN
    Over the years, I have known several students with unplanned pregnancies in nursing school (I am a nursing instructor). All students without exception did well. They had their babies and were also successful in school. It is difficult, but it can be done. We did our best to accommodate the expectant mothers in clinical assignments and absences from school/ clinical.
  5. by   TallyJofutureRN
    I am sorry but GIVE ME A BREAK so because someone wants to have two steady incomes and to have two loving parents they should abort their child because these things are not available to them?? so we shouldn't even give someone a chance a life because it would be uncomfortable for us? That is sad....
  6. by   Natkat
    I agree with you, wildmountainchild.

    I got unexpectedly pregnant and wanted an abortion, everyone talked me out of it and told me "oh it'll be okay." It wasn't okay. It made my life a living hell that I am only now beginning to emerge from.

    That's the side of having a child that no one ever talks about. What happens if you regret it? I know I did.
  7. by   P_RN
    You need to pose these question/s to the appropriate provider/OB-GYN. I wish you luck. We cannot give medical advice .