help please!

  1. okay you guys, i need some help! i have to write a paper on an ethical dilemma that a nurse might face in his/her career.

    i think i have lost all of my creative juice for the week....anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

    thanks for the help!

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  3. by   A Kitty RN
    Been out of school for a while, but here is a real situation- Prisoner is admitted to ICU, not looking good. We are trying to figure his code status. Of course he is unresponsive, so do we go by the Prisoner's family or the State Institution's wishes? Trying to figure out who has the authority to make decision. I mean this guy had 2 armed guards watching him, shackled to the bed.
    Also think about the medical expenses (our tax dollars) and whatever his medical history includes. Hmm... what would we do with him if he was stuck on a vent for the rest of his life?
    Anyway just something to think about.
    You can always go with the classic- Power of attorney for patient wants all things done and suddenly patient codes-- a different family member is at bedside and says "just let her go peacefully"
    GOOD LUCK- hard decisions
  4. by   delirium
    This is one from class:

    A 14 year old girl confides in her parents that her brother raped her and she is now 6 months pregnant. She wants to have an abortion. What are your feelings as a health care provider?


    You are a school nurse at a small high school. You know a boy is HIV positive and he is actively seeking young girls to have sex with him. He is using no protection. What do you do?
  5. by   essarge
    There are many, many, religious issues. Jehovah's Witness and blood, Catholic and abortion, etc etc etc.
  6. by   justjill
    thanks for the ideas!! they are great! i'm still not sure what to do....whatever it is, i need to be able to argue both sides of the dilemma and then draw a conclusion on what i would do

    if anyone has anymore ideas, please let me know! thanks for the help