Help nursing school dilemma!!!

  1. Hey well, i've been accepted into 2 of 4 nursing schools so far and I dont know what to do...the 2 that i've been accepted into start in January...Neumann and Drexel in Pa, I'm still waiting to hear from gynedd mercy and eastern u. I wont find out about them until feb when i've already supposed to have started at the other two. My question is what do i do? every program has is ups and downs but how do you pick. Drexel has a great rep but i got into the co-op program which will take 3 years and drexel is not cheap, Neumann will take 2.5 years but it's part time evening, less expensive and i can work the same time, Eastern is 2 year bsn2 program but it is like 30 min away and i dont even know if i will get in. Why arent all schools start dates the same!!!!!!!Is anyone else in the same situation? I am very happy to have even beenaccepted into these 2 great programs but how am i supposed to make a choice...Help me!!!!!
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  3. by   Jessy_RN
    You are blessed to be able to apply to more than 1 program and accepted to more than 1, congrats.

    I would go with whichever is more convinient and suits your needs at a time. Weight the costs, length of program, driving distance, etc.

    Good luck
  4. by   Daytonite
    I recommend that you make a little grid listing the four colleges down the left side. Across the top make columns for cost, distance from home, length of program, reputation, class times, time you need to work at a job to support yourself through all this. Then put it away for a day or two before looking at it again. During those two days think about what is most important, the cost of the program, the distance you have to drive to the school (don't forget to include bad, snowy weather in thinking that one out), or reputation. Do this a couple of times if you must.

    One other thing you could do is to start one of the two programs you know you have a ticket into in January. If you get an acceptance from one of the other schools in February that you would like to do instead, you can always drop your classes and move over to the other school. Of course, it will mean you may have to forfeit the tuition that you paid.

    Usually, once you are an established student in a nursing program you can get work as a nurse tech or nursing assistant in local hospitals. That means you can work hours that will accomodate your school schedule.

    As an ADN who went on to get a BSN I recommend that if you are looking at a BSN as your final goal, to be careful in picking your schools. Transferring classes is a big pain as not all universities will accept every class you took for your AA as a transfer credit. If you can do a BSN from start to finish in one school I would recommend going with that.