Help Need To Dispute Grade Iv Therapy

  1. I NEED THE HELP OF ANYONE who has disputed a grade in school. Our school was bought out by another larger corporate school. In this transition they have had a large turn over rate. When we were taught IV therapy 1 we did it in 3 days. No one learned much except enough to pass the test. In IV therapy 2 we have yet another new instructor and she didn't teach things that were on our final. Such as push rate math and other important things. When I took the final I was stunned because some of the information I had never seen. Needless to say I failed it by 2 points. If I can just gain 2 more points I can pass. I was dropped from the program for failing it. I want to be proactive about this and go back Monday with an orgainzed case. It just doesnt seem right. PLEASE HELP!!! ANY SUGGESTION WOULD HELP!!!!! THANKS A MILLION

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  3. by   Jennerizer
    Did a large amount of your classmates also fail? If so, then you may have a case. If not, then I don't know if they'll even give you the time of day.
  4. by   clodcat
    The thing was about 15-17 questions were thrown out. When I was called out to be told I was dropped from the program the class was reviewing the test. I heard from a classmate that another question was dropped. I think they dropped enough questions to lessen the failure rate. Then when it was just about 3-4 they could live with that. The other people that were dropped were not even near to passing. I was 2 points away. Others in the class (a good 1/3) were right at the borderl making 75-77s. So the fact that after I was dropped that questions were still up for question really bothered me. If it was cut and dry I would accept it. I would just take more classes for my Rn transition and go back in 3 months to the LPN program. Tell me what do you think?:imbar :imbar
  5. by   puggy
    I would go to school Monday and talk to the program chair. I would ask to look at my test and a list of the questions that were thrown out. I would go over the test question by question to make sure there were 1) no scan tron or other grading errors, 2) to make sure I was not penalized for any of the questions that were thrown out, 3) question any answers that were marked wrong that were not covered by the instructor. If you are not satisfied then I would go to the academic dean and explain the situation about what happened - threaten to call the local TV channel and tell them that 1/2 the class failed and people were dropped from nursing during a nursing shortage. Be tough!!! Hang in there and let us know what happens.
  6. by   clodcat
    Thanks alot....I have started looking up the lesson plan and paragraphs in the my class was given, and not given. I will keep you updated. We will see how it goes. Thanks alot also for your quick reponse.
  7. by   meownsmile
    While looking up the lesson plan and going over notes from class check the syllibus and make sure there wasnt reading assigned on the syllibus that covered the math portion. Most of the gazzillion pages assigned as reading arent covered class but are still the students responsibility to have read or at least been familiar with. If there was they will use that as reason to dispute your not covered in class complaint.
    My guess is your best chance would be to check that there werent a couple more questions thrown off the test after they told you about your being dropped, so it changes the grading scale and you may regain those 2 points.
    Good luck!!!