Help!! I'm not sure I can / should finish nursing school!!

  1. I'm in my second semester of a two year program and it seems like everyone else is much farther ahead than I am. I'm realizing that although I passed A&P with an A, and Patho with a B, I've forgotten so much that I'm not able to understand what's happening in a specific alteration, what I should be watching for in that patient, etc.

    I know that I need to go back and review, but I'm so overwhelmed with class already, that I'm afraid I won't be able to learn what I need to. Fortunately I'm in a situation where I do not need to be working right now, so I have lots of time, but my problem is that it seems to take me at least twice as long to learn things as other people. I've gotten some A&P and Patho books from people, but I don't know where to start and how to study it in such a way that I'm learning, but it's not infringing on my class material.

    My fear it's that I'll pass nursing school, I'll pass the NCLEX, but when it's all said and done, I won't really know anything. I can pass tests, but once we move on to another area, I completely forget it all. I want to be a good nurse, but I realize I have to understand the nursing concepts inside and out to make good decisions, and at this point I feel way behind. We'll be discussing something in class and I can't come up with an answer or response. It's horrible.

    So, two things. First, do you know of any good resources for nursing students/nurses to use to brush up on A&P and Patho? Second, for someone with difficulty retaining information, what learning techniques have you found helpful?

    Sorry for the length, but thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond. I would really appreciate any advice.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Stop catastrophizing. You need to be concerned about tomorrow, not what may or may not be the case after you pass NCLEX. Make an appointment to see your nursing school advisor or one of your instructors and hash out your concerns. Ask for their take on what you should be doing to remediate any deficiencies and how you should approach the rest of school, the day, week, and month in front of you, not more than a year into the future.
  4. by   gypsierose
    If you aren't failing, keep going! Don't compare yourself to others. If it takes you twice as long to "get" a subject, take the time and don't worry about it. As long as you're passing your exams you're doing fine. Everyone is worried that they will pass the NCLEX and not know how to be a nurse! We won't! There is no way you will know everything you need to know before you hit the floor. There is too much. Nursing school and the NCLEX allow you the opportunity to learn how to be a nurse. You're not at that bridge yet! Letting go of needing to know every detail is important. Prioritize!
    As for resources, youtube is your best friend. Khan academy, Osmosis, anything. Search and play around. Youtube is full of short videos that allow you to review basic concepts before you get into the pathology stuff. Don't go down a rabbit hole of AnP, though. I don't know how it is where you are but we are almost never tested on AnP, but instead on pathophys and nursing interventions. Know those. Know the meds and labs, but not ever detail of pharmacology. Focus on nursing. Yes it helps to know the background but if you don't remember every bone or vein it will be okay as long as you remember your interventions etc. For difficult to retain information, I use flash cards.
    You've come this far- honor the work you've already done and keep going. You've got this And good luck!
  5. by   Extra Pickles
    Don't sell yourself short. Like the others here said, you're predicting a dismal outcome based on nothing at all. Some of the very students you admire as having all the answers might turn out to be the ones who freeze in an emergency/panicked moment, it's too early to predict for them and it's too early to predict for you. Give yourself a chance! I personally would be hard-pressed to come up with every answer to every question now that I've been many years out of nursing school but what IS important is that I know what to DO when situations arise. I learned that by finishing school and spending years honing the skills needed to be a good nurse. NO ONE in your student classes is anywhere near that, please believe me. You are most likely voicing the same concerns at least half of the students in your classes is also feeling. And then there are those students who are too foolish or full of themselves to know when they should be questioning themselves.

    One day at a time. Talk with your advisor about your concerns if you need feedback one-on-one but honestly I believe you are overthinking your prognosis. You'll get there
  6. by   ReflectiveHope
    I appreciate the responses and encouragement. I'm sure I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill. I can do this, right? I've gotten this far. I did do a little searching online and found a few resources I'm going to try. Nothing heavy enough to interrupt school, just a little extra here and there.

    Thank you for giving me a kick in the butt so I could see I was over reacting!!!
  7. by   xxstarrynitesxx
    Like others suggested, YouTube is a great source of information for learning various topics. I have also heard people suggest Professsor Fink and Armando Hasudugan. My friend recommended the latter to me when I was getting ready to take A&P and swore that he was only able to get through the two semesters because of him. I might also recommend doing a google search for an A&P professor to see if they post their syllabus online. Having something structured can help to give you a clear path to study from to help take away a little stress.

    I am unable to offer my own personal study tips for nursing school as I have not applied yet, but many people I do follow on YouTube swore by doing as many practice questions as possible to make it through. Don't forget to give yourself credit for making it through thus far. Set short term goals to make the mountain more manageable.

    Best wishes!
  8. by   3ringnursing
    You can't learn everything in nursing school - there is too much material. The real learning starts on the job. Relax.