Help I want to get into an ABSN program! Low GPA

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm currently finishing up my bachelors degree for a major that is not nurse related. However, I would like to go for the ABSN program once I'm done. During my associates I messed up, but during my BA I've maintained a 3.88. My main concern is having an overall 2.9 GPA though. I'm so determined to get in! I was wondering whether taking nursing prerequisites after my current BA program will allow me to raise my 2.9 GPA before applying for an accelerated nursing program? I would love it if any of you could share your experience or information you may have. I'm currently searching the forums on here as well.

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  3. by   Bunsen
    I did an absn program with a 2.9 gpa going in. Finished with a 3.5.

    My nursing school took into account that my undergrad is a very good, difficult school, as well as the fact that I volunteered. I did take a couple of prerequisites at a community college, which boosted my prereq GPA a little bit too.
  4. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    Yes, that will allow you to bring up your GPA, should you do well. There are calculators out there that will tell you what grades you need to get to achieve certain GPA's.

    My program takes your overall GPA into account, but has a stronger focus on your Math/Science GPA. Maybe look into what your chosen school looks for!
  5. by   rn2k16
    You are in the same situation I was in back in 2012. I had a bachelors, average gpa and wanted to do an ABSN. I wasted a year applying and not getting in anywhere when I realized I just needed an associates to be an RN. I got into a 2 yr ADN program, just graduated with my RN and should have my BSN in less than a year. It's much cheaper, and probably actually faster to just get your associates from wherever you can. Trust me, I wish someone told me this 4 years ago and saved me from the wasted time and effort
  6. by   Pangea Reunited
    My school looked at only sciences for GPA. Make sure you know what the goal is before you try to "fix" things.
  7. by   AnthroRN89
    I am currently enrolled in an ABSN program in Ohio. I believe my GPA upon application was somewhere around 2.99. The requirement was for 3.0 however with any kind of experience, they offered interviews. They do know that people mess up and if you are able to write a personal statement, that would probably be helpful as well.

    Keep in mind when you keep taking courses that the more credits you earn, the harder it becomes to change. An A has less effect but then so does a C at a certain point.

    Also, I was actually wait-listed for my program the first time I applied. But when I made the spur of the moment decision to reapply the next year, I was sent an acceptance letter days later. A friend of mine who is a college academic adviser told me that when you reapply to a program, they are much more likely to accept you. They figure that if you are applying a second time that you must be very serious about their program and not just a passing interest in nursing.

    Hope that helps!
  8. by   NurseGirl525
    There are always exceptions to the rule. There are those few that get in to a program with a low GPA.

    None other of us on here can predict your chances. It depends on the program, their requirements, how many apply, and their scores. Two different schools can have the exact same requirements but no two schools will have the same people and scores applying.

    We cannot see into the future. Good luck.
  9. by   rzyzzy
    I'd look at associates programs - many here have articulation agreements & guaranteed admissions deals with BSN programs, so you may not lose much time/credit anyway..
  10. by   Joy1109
    What school did you attend
  11. by   Joy1109
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