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A relative (in-law) called me yesterday simply to tell me how nurses know nothing, she would never trust anything a nurse says. Her step mother had a bad experience in the OR. This same person... Read More

  1. by   MandyInMS
    I just bring up the legal issues about giving advice and tell them to go to the or not..I'm not in the business of diagnosing anything...I feel like I do enough nursing on my shifts at work...when I'm home LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! hehehe
  2. by   maxinefrancine
    My favorite comment was from my dad, and I quote "All she does is change bandaids!" I have to tell you how sweet it was when he became SOB and bradycardic (35) and came to my ER while I was working. He now has a much different opinion about "ALL" I do and I can feel the admiration and respect he now has for me.
    Don't let anyone discourage you with their remarks, because only nurse's and good doc's can appreciate what we do!
  3. by   ChrisA
    I'm still just in pre-reqs, but I've had a bit of ribbing from friends about going into nursing (family is all for it, thanks be to God). I respond to the ribbing from friends by laughing it off, and then starting to talk about this thing I've been learning or studying about. I just snow them with the technical jargon, which I know enough of to do the trick even though I don't start A&P for another month.
  4. by   mscsrjhm
    Don't respond. Is it really worth it? You cannot change someone's mind. They are obviously taunting you, or at least poking jabs at you. Cruel. We've all been there- don't answer the phone.....or, if you have to, play on your pc while you listen to them rattle. Life it too short. The phone is in YOUR hand.
  5. by   Sheri257
    Quote from maxinefrancine
    Don't let anyone discourage you with their remarks, because only nurse's and good doc's can appreciate what we do!
    That's not entirely true. Nurses usually rank highest in the Gallup annual public opinion poll of most admired professions ... (firefighters beat nurses right after 9-11 but, just last January, nurses were at the top of the heap ... again.)

    Nurses even beat doctors ... :chuckle

    So, it doesn't really matter what any one individual says. They're probably jealous.

    The general public likes nurses ... a lot.

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  6. by   Tony35NYC
    The negative comments often come from relatives of the pts we're taking care of in the hospital, too. They read up stuff on the Internet and they swear that makes them experts at patho, and that all we know is how to empty bedpans and change dressings. I think its wise not to get into debates with these individuals because they already have their negative opinions about us and our profession and thats not going to change. I always stick to the basic pt teaching, and if they insist on interrupting while I'm doing that I tell them they should speak to the doc about their other concerns.

    I had a cardiac patient a few months ago, who insisted on taking a nutritional supplement that his wife had ordered from the Internet because a friend of hers told her it would help him get better. The supplement contained potassium, and myself and a registered nurse tried to explain that he should discontinue taking the supplements because his K+ was already too high and that he could get a heart attack. He refused to stop, and the wife verbally atttacked us for suggesting that her "remedy" for his condition could actually make him worse. According to her, we were "only nurses", and after all, what do lowly nurses know about anything? Of course, the guy d/c'd himself AMA, and given his unstable heart condition, if he continued to take those K+ pills I'm sure he's dead by now.

    As for my own relatives and friends, they are always asking questions about what they should do about this condition or that condition. I always cut them off by saying that I'm not a doctor and that I don't give medical advice.
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  7. by   PCGrad06
    When your in-law asks you questions about stuff say something like I am not sure I get all my info from you! As for others who are really asking for a professional opion Just be honest and say I do not begin classes until the fall. Get back with me on that in a couple of years and :chuckle.
  8. by   AlishaNHayzley
    There are so many stereotypes about nurses. My boyfriend thinks that all nurses have big booty's hahaha. I don't know why but he does. It's certainly not because we're sitting on them! :imbar
  9. by   mariedoreen
    Quote from studentNY
    People ask me questions and think I'm an idiot for not having the answers.. I haven't even started nursing yet.. start in Sep.
    PLEASE tell me how to respond to these people, oh and how about all those who say 'you're crazy to be going in to nursing.......
    LOL, so I'm not the only one, huh?! I've just finished my pre-reqs and am entering the program in Sept but have been dealing with this for months and months! What should I do for hot flashes... What is a bundle branch block... Questions about BP... Questions about Alzheimers meds...

    OMG but if it's this bad now, what in the world is it going to be like when I actually have my RN??? Maybe I should start practicing a few key phrases... That's outside my scope of practice... RN does not equal MD...