help for clinicals

  1. Here are a list of ideas for clinicals to make them successful.
    anyone with any ideas please add to it.
    1. Take a risk, when your instructor wants a volunteer to do a new procedure put yourself out there.
    2. Don't try to hide, it will only hinder you in the long run.
    3. when you first come on the floor, search out your pt nurse and introduce yourself and get a report on your pt. Let nurse also know what you are able to do as far as procedures. At the beginning you are not going to be doing much so offer to help and get supplies for the nurse. Tell her you are available to watch procedures being performed. Be helpful
    4. Always come to clinicals prepared, many time pt go home and you get a new pt. Smile and take it, in the real world you don't get a night to prepare for your pt.
    5. if you think something is not normal for your pt, take vitals report to RN and your instructor. Be aware of vital signs, compare to previous vitals to see what is normal for your pt.
    6. Remember your taking care of the nurses pt, her pt's. if you have any questions at all........ask.
    7. if you can't remember anything else wash your hands!!!!!!!
    8. Keep within your scope of practice!!!!!!
    9. Have fun!!!!!!!!

    any other ideas please post
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  3. by   essarge
    Great advice Jan!! Thanks!
  4. by   peaceful2100
    Wow Jan that was great advice. Thanks.