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So you do not welcome new members then?:confused: or is it because i am english or maybe no one wants to talk to me:o... Read More

  1. by   hotlooks
    Thank you to all who have welcomed me
  2. by   CATHYW
    I do remember you posting as TracyBlue Eyes. I like that name-the other one just kinda makes people think of other things, know what I mean?
    I'd write directly to Brian, and ask him for a special dispensation to change your name. Are you out there Brian?:uhoh21: :wink2:
    I agree with Cathy, I prefer traceyblueeyes. But no matter which one you pick, I'm pretty sure Brian needs to know so he can delete the other user account.

  4. by   Brian
    yoohooo, I'm here Hi everybody.

    Tracey, let me know which name you want to use and I can change your account settings.
  5. by   fnimat1
    Welcome to the board!!!!....Hope to post to you soon.

    "RN 2B in 2004"
  6. by   hotlooks
    BRAIN this is tracey can you please change my username back to traceyblueeyes
  7. by   CATHYW
    Yay! Welcome back, Traceyblueeyes!
  8. by   CATHYW
    Tracey, what does the quote under your name mean? I am confused
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