Hello, I'm a new nursing student

  1. Starting Fall '09 at NHTI Concord. Looking forward to it. Thank you to all who posted the websites in "math thread". I am sure I will use this soon. We will be having a math pretest at registration. I've taken Math for Allied Health, but I found it difficult, even though it was pretty basic.
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    Welcome to the site! I love it here. Good luck starting this fall, I'll be starting then too.
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    Good Luck to you and keep us posted on your success!
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    If you need more help with math google "the math tutor dvd" by Jason Gibson. It's worth every penny. I went from not knowing how to do long division and fractions to a B in Algebra 2 and an A in Stats.
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    I was wondering if you could share your experience at NHTI. I have heard that it is a GREAT program to get into but they are very hard on you and basically "beat" the knowledge into you...for lack of a better way to put it. I am applying to NHTI and LRCC for next Fall. I am so nervous/excited/eager to find out if I get in...but I need to take my exams first. I was just hoping you could enlighten me on how your experience has been. How have the classes been, etc? Anything you'd be willing to share I'd LOVE to hear!!!! Thanks!

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    Hi Michelle,

    Well, since I am only 1 out of 100 new nursing students, in our first semester, my experience is just that, 1 out of 100. It is a very fast paced, intense, and difficult program. I am just taking it one day at a time and doing my best. I wouldn't say the "beat" the information into you but, they aren't kidding around and they have high expectations. I would say that any prereq's you could take ahead of time, it would be wise to do so. I have only had to focus on my nursing class this semester and that has been hard enough. Next semester I will have to take A&P II, as well as the next nursing class....I am not looking forward to the workload. It's just that there is so much information to absorb with the nursing and it's not like any other class I've taken. I know if I hang in there it will be worth it.

    Good Luck to you, Michelle.
    Maybe I'll see you on campus sometime soon.

    Ann Marie