hello everyone am new in nursing (ASN) and need help

  1. hi everybody,

    I'm new to this discussion board/forum and brand new in nursing (3 weeks old and have never done assessment before except reading my fundamentals book about the nursing process. I am looking for help with my case studies which are due friday morning Please: Mr. boone is a 76 year old male with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). He has not had enough money to fill his RX for several weeks. Consequently, he has been on your medical unit for four days.

    You are about to begin your physical assessment on Mr boone this morning and you hear him coughing as you enter the room.

    List the data you need to obtain. Do not forget subjective as well as objective data. Indicate a rationale for obtaining each data itme.

    What "equipment" would assist in your data collection (not sure what they're asking me here)

    what are the priority (main) needs /problems for this client? Do not forget psychosocial aspects
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    welcome to the site

    I am going to move your thread to the student nurse where I am sure you will get excellent support
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    So tell me, what are some of your ideas? What sounds like a priority to you?
  5. by   nsgmjr
    Remember the ABC's and think about assessments
    Airway- ausculate
    breathing- use of accessory ms, rate depth
    circulation- cap refill
    you get the idea. I am a third semester student and there is hope it does begin to get easier and before long they come easier as you develop a new way of thinking