Hell week!!!

  1. Seems like every semester I have one week that is absolutely filled with exams.....well this is that week. My week goes like this

    Mon-Chem exam (hate that class!)
    Tuesday-Medical Terminology exam (250 roots, prefixes, etc.)
    Wednesday-History exam
    Thursday-term paper draft due and last assessment lab which includes a head to toe assessment exam
    Friday-so far nothing (thinking about taking the day off!! LOL!0

    Anyone else have a week like this coming up?
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  3. by   KristaB
    I hear ya, essarge. The rest of this quarter is like that for me, unfortunately.

    Good luck to you! We'll get through this somehow!

  4. by   crnasomeday
    Oh geez...I know just what you mean. I've got a bazillion things due between now and the end of the week.... exam in community/public health nursing, care plan for psych, paper on ECT for psych, and about three or four thousand assorted other papers, assignments, and other stuff. I'm trying not to even think about it for just a few minutes while I take this short break to reorient myself. Thanks be to God that this semester is almost over! Just one more left then. . .
  5. by   Robin61970
    I was recently freaking out over the same thing......I think I almost had an anxiety attack,lol. Lets see......3 page paper due on the 21st for Sociology....another 3 page paper due on the same day for another class. On the 27th I have a 10 page pysc paper due along with another paper in that class. On the 5th of December I have a 7 page pysc paper and a 3 page Sociology paper due. I've done research, but haven't written a damn thing yet. It seems that I have to sit down and write it all at once. If I start it and then leave it for an hour or a day I can't seem to get back into it. My hubby says I get writers block so.....this weekend I am gonna pull an all nighter(so it's quiet) and write a ten page paper on Prosocial Behavior in 3 year olds.....fun fun......Good luck...oh and then the 9-12th are finals.....fun fun....
  6. by   KristaB
    I've been procrastinating so badly, more than I usually do. I did get my six page psych paper done yesterday (due tomorrow). Now I have two tests tomorrow and I have to have all 19 of my patient's meds memorized by Thursday.

    I won't even talk about next week yet.

    Krista, busy, busy, busy
  7. by   Bonnie Blue
    I just finished my h*ll week. It started Wed with a Fundamentals lecture test. Thursday I had my skills written and practical exam. Friday was clinical from 7-3. Saturday I had my pathophys test. And I finished my paper for Foundations of Professional Nursing tonite. I even had a friend who is not in nursing school proof it. I still have a project for Pop. based health care to work on. I also have to type up 10 article abstracts for extra credit points in Fundamentals. Whew!

    Good luck to everyone with tests and papers.
  8. by   pkmom
    I'm taking this semester off due to a recent move, but last semester I had a similar hellish weak. I totally botched an essay for A&P, instead of writting 2 from a list i wrote a *little* on everyone then apologized for being so scatter brained and explained my week. The prof. wrote a note saying that I could have had an extension if I would have asked. Oh what a difference another day would have made. but hey, I still made an A! Everyone said he was an unreasonable man. I think they confused him with someone else.
    I've been fortunate to have very compassionate teacher who gave me extensions when i didn't think they would have. Hey, try it and see.