Held Ransom

  1. I was reading another thread and the thought occured to me that quite a few instructors bank of the idea that a student is afraid to say anything due to possible reprisal. So far, I have not had that experience but that may be because I am an older student.

    In our program though, I have seen several younger students put up with verbal abuse and being unfairly judged/graded on their papers/assignments. I find this reprehensible that a "seasoned" professional would stoop this low just to "proove" that they have the power to pass or fail a student.

    I would like some input/experiences that others have had in this area and the solutions that they used. Perhaps it would benefit others.
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  3. by   kimmicoobug
    I had an instructor who could be described as militant. At my first clinical, her first impression of me was a bad one and that impression held for the rest of the year. She would write comments "you have no idea what therapeutic communication is". "You don't know why your patients are in the hospital." Ok, perhaps she meant this to be constructive. But then, my very last quarter, she wrote a comment that I would fail the quarter because I wasn't up to snuff. I was shocked. It turns out the instructor didn't do her research on my points and paperwork. After my points were tallied, I had an A average. That was such sweet satisfaction. This woman had a history of choosing favorites and choosing ones that she would make life hell for. She made mine hell. I was so traumatized by this woman over my first year, it was no wonder I had anxiety attacks. It wasn't until this year with a very nurturing instructor that I have gotten over freaking out if an instructor is going to point out everything I do wrong. It has been the complete opposite. I have gotten good feedback, and nothing that could be considered demeaning.

    I just kept trucking on with this instructor. Worked as hard as I could. There was really nothing else I could have done
  4. by   redshiloh
    I also went thru heck going through BSN. The instructors were obviously trying to get rid of me and if it hadn't been for the generosity of the MSN students, I would have failed.
    I was so grateful I threw an end of term Italian dinner for them.
    The memory of those instructors keeps me from pursuing my MSN.
  5. by   BABNRS
    Good discussion essarge!! I too feel that some instructors think they can hold a student's future for ransom (as evidenced by my previous thread). I went to USM and rec'd my BSN in 1994. My instructors were tough, but nurturing. We never had a student mistreated. Sure we had beefs with test questions and stuff, but overall, professionalism dominated. I guess that is part of the reason that I take such issue with my husband's nursing program. I think that I may pursue an early career goal. I want to teach nursing school and make a difference in at least a few lives!!!!
  6. by   tonicareer
    I was an older student when I received my first degree. At the time most students were of the traditional age. I was targeted and treated like dirt (you know what word I really mean). I thought if I worked harder I would be treated better but that was not the case. I proved the way I was treated was wrong to those in charge. But I still have paid a heavy price for not just transferring to a different college. Just proving that you have been treated wrongly doesn't mean that the abuse won't continue or even get worse. Even if you graduate that person still might be able to say things about you to destroy your career. This is why I do not listen to gossip or gossip about others because I know personally what lies can do to destroy your life.
  7. by   essarge
    I had clinicals tonight and witnessed first hand an instructor calling a student "stupid". I asked the instructor into a private room and told her that I felt that was very unprofessional....boy did I get attitude for the rest of the shift. Oh well, I said my peace and if they don't like it too bad!!
  8. by   gwenith
    Pedagogy vs Andragogy

    If you want to read moer about how a student SHOULD be treated read up on the theories on Malcolm Knowles. He challenged traditional teaching (pedagogy) with it's reliance on one way information flows and power dominated structures with a model of teacher as facilitator of learning and the adult classroom as a wealth of expereinces that can be shared to have multiple channels of informational flow. Although the androgogy model does not suit everyone it is a more interactive and active method of learning and therefor has greater retention for students.
  9. by   essarge
    I tried to look that author up on the internet but didn't come up with much. Do you know of a site that outlines his methods? I would love to make a copy of it and "secretly" put it in our instructors mail boxes!!!
  10. by   mother/babyRN
    I remember we all felt that way and once, when taken out of a group by that militant instructor, and shaking in my shoes at the idea of a pop quiz, in answer to her question i said the dreaded, " I don't know." She was so shocked to get that answer that she actually sat me down and did some teaching. Was a good day for both of us...
  11. by   gwenith
    There is quite a lot of sites about Malcolm Knowles but this one was a quick one page summary


    HIs book "The adult learner a neglected species" still remains one of the core texts of adult education. It is more about a philosophical approach to education. Instead of "I am here to teach you " it is "We are here to learn together".

    It's a philosophy I have always enjoyed because it allows me to answer a question with "I don't know but I'll see if I can find out". an awful lot of "control freak" teachers are terrifed of that phrase because they have a belief that if they ever show ignorance to a class they will lose respect. The truth is 180 degrees opposite.
  12. by   BABNRS
    GOOD FOR YOU ESSARGE! I sure hope that you don't recieve any grief or are targeted for speaking up! I plan to print the Malcolm Knowles information and mail it to all of my hubby's instructors!!!
  13. by   katscan
    As I said in a previous post, no one should ever call another person stupid-or any other name for that matter. It's a matter of perspective.A true teacher builds up, not tears down. Too bad there aren't more true teachers....
  14. by   Bevi
    I wish we could get the perspective of a nurse instructor here...
    It would be good to hear from an instructor about just what they expect..... what sets them off....etc....
    I'll begin clinicals in sept, after 2 long difficult years of pre-reqs and such hard work..... it's scary to me that someone can rip it all away because they feel like it....
    I'm nervous about clinicals now!