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  1. by   lilarox
    A positive attitude is a great quality in both life and nursing. Unfortunately positivity does not operate similar to an ostrich brain, and the facts are still outside of the "hole" waiting for you. Reality is better met with open eyes. I have no doubt there is a new grad somewhere with opportunity, and right behind him/her are thousands of equally competent new graduates still waiting for their turn. While nursing is among the most trusted, most caring, and (often) most rewarding careers to choose from, it is also mentally and physically taxing. Somewhere in my journey of nursing school, I learned some difficult truths about just how ruthless people can be to survive in this field. The big picture was a rude awakening and I'm in my thirties.
    Esme12 is spot on stating it is not puppies all the time.

    I don't think you would like my story. Would you like to know how I acquired the opportunity to interview for my position? I knew a person (not a nurse) but an employee nonetheless that working at the facility. Obviously my connection merely opened the door for me, the rest I earned independently. However, I am very fortunate, since there are thousands of new graduates that are praying for their chance to prove themselves; Efforts thus far unsuccessful. I did not post this because I was wise in my actions regarding employment during school, I posted it because I thought I was going to be an exception to the rule. Regardless of your perception, or your opinion of how a person "ought" to convey a thing, its actual existence remains unchanged.
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    Quote from NursieNurseLPN
    I hate to admit this but i was that nursing student who was sick & tired of hearing everyone tell me how there was no jobs anywhere. I realized that of course it was going to be a little hard & theres less jobs than ever before but i honestly thought to myself those new nurses not working probably werent trying hard enough, or they didnt want it enough, or were too picky about shifts or location. I HATED how negative people were to me about jobs. Truthfully, i didnt want to hear it. Esp when school was my number one priority at that time.

    Fast forward 6months later. I am not working. I graduating with the highest gpa in my class, letters of rec, plus i thought i had a leg up bc i too know so many nurses through my family/friends. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on that. Yes, some will graduate & be lucky to get a job right away, but thats the minority. But most of the people i no who "had a job lined up prior to graduating" never ended up getting that promised job.

    I think many people will change their views (like unfortunately i have) once theyve graduated, passed nclex, & are still unemployed.

    By the way, while i can understand not wanting to hear AGAIN how theres no jobs (i was that person!), sadly that is the reality in the majority of the USA. I think the problem is we just dont want to hear it. While, it may annoy some, if even ONE student reads the original post & is encouraged to be creative now rather than after graduating, then the ops message was necessary. So get out there, network at clincals with managers & nurses, and seriously consider getting any healthcare job. Even just a weekend job or something. I know i wish i did! Then again, you may luck out & be that small percentage that lands a job asap. Best of luck! Let us know how it goes after graduating!
    Thank you, for your reply. Understanding just where a person is coming from makes you a better teacher, and (Hopefully) someone whose words are heard better. I felt the exact same way, and truthfully, chose to purposely turn my ears off when I heard things like this. I didn't even want to read these boards, because I hoped that when I finally did, things would be different. Good luck to you!
  3. by   lilarox
    I couldn't have said it better! Also, I have never heard: "I have always believed in "Praemonitus praemunitus or forewarned is forearmed". So if I learn how to say it, I'm going to borrow it!
  4. by   Esme12
    LOL.....you nsay it the way it is spelled....
    So is it pronounced "Pry-mo-ny-tus Pry-myoo-ny-tus," or "Pry-mo-nee-tus Pry-myoo-nee-tus"

    or.... You know what ? Let me not type all the possibilities and do it this way;

    "Prae..." Is it pronounced "Pry" or "Pray?"

    "Ni...," Is it pronounced "NY" or "Nee?"

    And "Mu..." Is it pronounced "Myoo," or "Moo?"

    Dear Lord, Ms. Esme12... Don't leave us hanging on this lol. We want to know!!!

    Also, please forgive any spelling and/or grammar errors in thi, previous or future posts. As you can tell, I have a hard enough time speaking English. so you can only imagine what Latin does to my feeble brain