He Said I "Act Like I'm In Med School or Something!" - page 3

So this guy who wants to date me, but I've been dodging left and right, texted me today saying I act like I'm in Med school and it was just nursing school, "I need to chill". Obviously he's... Read More

  1. by   misskayy
    I was sort of in the same situation a couple of years ago when I met a guy whose father was a physician and worked as a clinical professor at my dream nursing school. The guy was a prick and was already talking about marriage after a month of just knowing each other. So I had to cut him off. I worried and thought "What if he gets his father to prevent me from getting into the school? What if I get in and he gives me a hard time?" After a few months I realized that I was overthinking it. I mean how will they justify it? I would just cut him off without saying anything to him.
  2. by   Buyer beware
    Quote from loriangel14
    Yes he sounds like a real charmer.
    Maybe "computer" has something to do with it?