Has anyone taken English classes online?

  1. I would like to get this class out of the way without going to the actual class, but I'm not sure how hard it is to do online. Do you still have a lot of papers to write and just submit by e-mail? How are the finals done, online or campus?? I am currently doing telecourses in Psychology and Sociology so I know I can do the classes from home but not too sure how this class works. Thanks!
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  3. by   2banurse
    I haven't taken any online classes myself, I need to be physically present. However, if this is for a English Comp class, it'll pretty much be comprised of a lot of writing, essays, a paper, etc. It might be worth considering. Just make sure that you are the self-disciplined type.
  4. by   Katnip
    I didn't take an online English class, but I took a video course in English and Literature. we watched videos or watched the lectures on PBS, then wrote essays on the assigned topic and mailed them in. For me, it was a piece of cake.

    For the online courses I have taken we post our assignments on the class BB or we have a special email drop box for big assignments. We do have to go into school if there is a written exam.
  5. by   Nurse2bSandy
    I took an advanced writing class online last semester. I enjoyed it. It was very well organized. We needed to check in about 3 times a week and he would give us little assignments to keep us on track... a reading, or comment on a reading, or a paragraph about our next essay... then during the 15 weeks we had to write 5 papers. We wrote and submitted them to our 'team'... the class was divided into two teams... and then they would email comments for our final draft. We would also have to comment on the postings of the other team's papers.
    I thought it would intimidate me to have so many reading my papers, but it wasn't bad since I didn't know who anyone was. We posted our papers to the website and teacher emailed his comments and our grades to us individually. I got an A out of the class.
  6. by   KevinN
    Hi Ctyler98,
    I have always found online, self-paced and telecourses a lot easier than attending classes. I took both both English 1301 ( online course)and 1302( telecourse) online and recieved an A in both. English 1301 was composed of writing several essays on a variety of different topics. There were no tests, only submitting essays via the internet. In English 1302, there were essays and research papers that were to be submitted online, and also several objective tests that had to be taken at the college. I think if you are doing well in your other off campus courses, you should have no problem with these writing courses. Good Luck.
  7. by   ctyler98
    Sounds like I should just go for it!! English has always been my stronger subjuct!! Thanks for your replies!!!!!