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  1. OMG....I am so done!! I am just having the best week now. I had my induction to a couple honor societies and got an award from Sigma Theta Tau which was just a huge thrill to me, finished my finals on Monday, ended my undergrad career with a 3.91 overall, and I'm graduating in just a couple more days. Yay, Yay, Yay! It has been an awesome week, and what's been even better is that I've had nothing that I have to do for the past couple of days. No studying, or reading, or clinicals, or anything, so I've been able to do some fun things with my kids. I just love that part the most! We went to the zoo today, and had a great time, and Sunday I get to have a mother-daughter day with my wonderful little girl (we're going for pizza and to the arcade :roll ). It just feels so weird (and so totally great) to be done now!

    On Monday I start as a GN too! YAY. . .

    Congratulations to all the grads!!!!
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  3. by   meownsmile
    OH,, that sounds so good. I cant wait.
    Two more weeks, pass HESI, then graduation and i have about 3 weeks with nothing to do but catch up on everything that i havent done for a while. I start back at my old hospital in a new roll on June 10th.
  4. by   crnasomeday
    Well congrats to you meownsmile!! It feels so weird, doesn't it? I mean, getting close to the end and knowing you won't be a student anymore? Trippy
  5. by   NurzofFaith
    I knew the end was coming soon for you! I have tomorrow and then next week left! It seems so far away yet I know it isnt!!

    I cannot wait to be able to put the books away for awhile and just enjoy life!!!

    I'm starting at SLU on June 3rd...I hope you and I will have a chance to finally meet!! Did I ask you if you are taking MO boards or IL boards? I'm doing IL boards first then applying for reciprocity.

    Congrats once again on all your accomplishments and ENJOY!!!!
  6. by   crnasomeday
    Hi there Channa! I hope we do get to meet too. That would be neat. I'm taking boards in MO. I thought about doing it in IL and applying for reciprocity too, but I was just concerned that the time would exceed 90 days and I'd get knocked back down to a PCA. Plus, IL makes you go get your fingerprints taken at a designated place that costs you $60, and for MO you can just have them done at the police station which is free, and I'm all about free stuff.

    I just can't wait for everything to get rolling, you know? We're buying our first home too, and I'm really exceptionally excited about that. Congrats to you Channa!!
  7. by   CountrifiedRN
    Congrats to all graduates!

  8. by   BrandyBSN
    I am SOOOO happy for you guys!! Three more days of class and I will be joining your celebration too! Isn't it weird though? Not being a student any more? Great too, but feels kinda funny. I've been in school for the last 17 years straight! Elementary, Junior High, High School, and straight to 4 years here at College. I dont even remember my life when I was 5 years old, before I became a student. What does it feel like? Culture Shock?? What on earth am I going to do with 4 days a week off?? This is all so new and exiciting, yet weird all at the same time...

    Can't wait to see what it feels like to not have homework every night Ill be joining the party soon!

    BTW, SLU is terrific. I went there to do a few anatomy disections, and learned a lot! You guys are only 2 hours down highway 61 from me !

  9. by   fnimat1

    i'm soooo happy for you!!!! :roll :roll :roll

  10. by   MPHkatie
    I remember that feeling of freedom to do absoloutely exactly what I wanted to do!!!! It's great. Enjoy your careers ladies and gents, we are looking forward to working with you. :hatparty:
  11. by   GPatty