Had surgery Friday, should I go in to clinicals Tuesday?

  1. I had rather sudden surgery Friday, had R. ovary and fallopian tube removed due to severe endometriosis & possibility of ovarian cancer, have to wait for the pathology report for that.
    I'm quite sore 22 hours later. I'm thinking by Tuesday afternoon I'd be okay to go in for my 1:30-6:30p chilincals but I may have to ask for easy assignments and I'm not sure if that kind of thing goes over well or not. I missed my Thursday clinical due to having to start my bowel prep program at 1pm. We can only miss/makeup 3 clinicals - plus the makeups are on Saturdays and I think with the "evil" instructor that no one wants to deal with

    I'm anticipating still having problems bending and that lifting/moving pts. will be difficult for me by Tuesday.

    My clinical instructor is pretty laid back and told me to take Tuesday off as neeed but I'm afraid of falling too far behind already! If I take Tuesday off, I'll have been at 2 clinicals and have missed two so far.......

    Any thoughts?
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  3. by   RGN1
    OMG in a word NO!!! Surely there is an exception for students that have had surgery about making up time sensibly??? I sure hope there is because you need to rest for a bit!!!!

    Hope there is someone out there to clarify things for you as I can't possibly see that it could do you any good to go in so soon!
  4. by   EricJRN
    Please make these decisions in consultation with your physician and your nursing program. It's a little outside the scope of what we can offer at Allnurses.com. Hope you're feeling better soon.
  5. by   Tweety
    I'm surprised that your school didn't ask you to prove medical clearance before going back, such as what are your weightlifting limitations, etc. The person to ask would be your doctor, they are the ones who usually tell persons when to return to work/school.

    We don't give medical advice here.
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