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I need some feedback on how to deal with some of the issues that I am facing now in week 5 of school. Its really gotten old. We have lots of instructors that do not communicate well with each other,... Read More

  1. by   actress8503
    Quote from SunDvl
    Thanks all for the support! Im also really grateful for my awesome clinical instructor and clinical group (well most of them). We all have each other to vent to and that helps a lot. When I talk about students showing each other up I mean REALLY trying to show each other up. For example- turning in a 10 page paper when a 2 page paper (max) was requested, and some of the people have PROJECTS from NOVEMBER completed when we havent discussed them in class yet Whatever... I got an A on my first exam in nursing school so I guess im proof you can do well without going overboard. As for the other frustrations I have, I spoke to my clinical instructor about them and she suggested I email the head of the 1st semester program and voice my concerns and stuff. So.... I got a long weekend ahead and im gonna take some time for myself!

    PS. Actress- Did the professional development class get better over the semester or did it seem like a waste of time the whole semester (maybe its a difference in instructors....)
    Oh man...yeah, that class...well I am sorry to say it doesn't get better as far as a waste of time and everyone, including people from the class before me has thought of it as a waste as well...but there is good news: it's an easy A and the portfolio they make you guys make is actually very useful for applications to externship programs and to job interviews. Employers find it very professional, so don't forget about it when you apply for something. I also found the end of the semester project to be very fun...it lets the students have a bit of fun with creativity and art for once...good luck with everything!
  2. by   SoulShine75
    I think that in order to do well in nursing school isn't necissarily (sp) about 'enjoying' it. You're there for yourself to learn and not for anyone else. Do the best you can with the assignments. We all have busy work in nursing school, you may as well get use to it. In nursing school it never stops, you're always busy, busy, busy. It's a grind you have to become accustomed to and eventually you will. If you're going to succeed you have to have a positive attitude and do the best you can. Good luck and I hope it gets better.
  3. by   WindyhillBSN
    That must be frustrating! It could be worse at least your instructor didn't let your client fall on you like mine did. Although that comment may not have helped, hang in there many of us are in the same boat.
  4. by   moonrose2u
    Don't give up!.....showthemyou have staying power! you got to the point you are, because you are smart, and tough...its very competitive to get into school and you made it....

    don't give up....
  5. by   keldel
    Wow do I feel your pain! I am in week 7 and it is truly a challenge every day. I have professors that don't communicate as well, and endless amounts of work. I feel very frustrated because it is an information overload. When I feel like I can't do it anymore, I just look at that light at the end of the tunnel. Just think of what rewarding careers we will have when we get out! We had orientation at the hospital today (start clinicals next week) and just seeing the people that I will be able to make a difference in their lives gave me some motivation. Please don't drop out. Trust me, it has crossed my mind also. You will probably deeply regret it if you do. There's a lot of people out there going through the same thing. Nobody said that nursing school was easy. We made it this far already, and we have to stick it out! I take one day a week where I don't even crack a book open. You have to take breaks every once in a while or you will go crazy! Just take a deep breath and take it one day at a time! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!
  6. by   globetrotter
    1. If it was easy everybody would do it.

    2. Every one of us joins his/her own little clique, human nature.

    3. Every one of us talks about other people, human nature.

    4. Every one of us has to decipher the confusing syllabi, assignments, check offs, readings in 7-8 books, nature of school system.

    5. Personally, I try to encourage the students who come up to me and ask for todays homework so they can copy it, to do their own work. I've got enough to do without having to worry about them.

    6. I'm one of them high acheivers who's trying to excel (GPA=4.0) and if it means not being buddies with everyone in the class, so be it. Crass as it seems, I'm not there to make friends, I'm there to become a nurse.

    7. Just do the best you can. Your teachers will help you if they see you're floundering. Keep your eyes on the goal.
  7. by   firstyearstudent
    Quote from globetrotter

    6. I'm one of them high acheivers who's trying to excel (GPA=4.0) and if it means not being buddies with everyone in the class, so be it.
    Why would it ever be an either/or? Three students in our class have GPAs of 4.0 and everyones loves them...
  8. by   b4byboo
    :mortarboard: Dear SunDvl, ironically it's funny to know that student nurses in other countries go through the same challenges n frustration i went thru, hehehe...nway, the day you graduate you'll realize that the 'torture' wasnt that bad. You'll have memories you can laugh at and some might still give a headache but would still be fun when you go through them with an ex-classmate or two. I wish I had diz kind of support (allnurses.com) when I was in College, it would hv been tonnes of comfort, motivation n inspiration!

    Bottom line...nursing school was, is and might stil be for a few years more to come the way we all know it to be, hehehe! But there's an added bonus to it, the toughness and focus that you learn to live thru college will actually help a lot later on when ur serving as a licensed nurse (the confusing assignments, double standards, competitiveness, etc,etc doesnt end in college*WINK*)...HANG in THERE GAL!:smiley_ab

    [BANANA]I might have lost the battle but the WAR AIN'T OVER YET!!! caiyo!! caiyo!![/BANANA]
  9. by   globetrotter
    I think I was trying to say that I choose not to spend a lot of time with those who don't do their homework, don't spend time trying to learn the lab skills and seem to do a lot of text messaging during classes.
  10. by   50isthenew30
    Just one incredibly short year ago I was in the same boat. It (nursing school) is so different from other college that it takes A LOT of adjusting.

    Just try to stay calm, and when you start to see some success that will keep you going, one test at a time.

    You have to deal with the students who want to make it look like they know it all (probably because deep down they are actually insecure or they've had the experience of having a doc or an RN chew them a new @#$ over some mistake they made!) Anyway it takes a lot more grace to admit out loud that you have a lot to learn, and ultimately people (RNs are just people) might respect you a little more.

    I'm a little older than most students, have a decent job already, and could not believe what I had gotten myself into with THIS. But passing the classes that other people failed has been a confidence builder all by itself.
  11. by   pattyweb
    I know what you are going through and I would love to say it gets better, that there is less busy work, but unfortunately I cannot. I am in my senior (!) year of a BSN program, so I'm be done in May. I transferred in at the summer after the sophomore level so I missed out on the first two years and thought I would be totally behind and not know anything- but guess what? I am doing well and in the top quarter of my class, I feel like I know what I am doing, I understand the material, and I spend over 30 hrs a week doing nursing stuff (either time in the library, class, clinicals, or studying). But the end is in sight!
  12. by   danh3190
    [quote=SunDvl]... and students who instead of supporting each other are contstantly trying to show each other up...quote]

    I've seen this comment in other threads too. Maybe I'm too new in school (just finished week 6) but I don't understand how we can "show each other up". It isn't like the top half of the class passes and the bottom fails. In our school the grade is based on the % of total points one gets on the exams, not on a curve. So I guess it's theoretically possible for us all to get A's, at least in the early classes, and it's entirely up to us. I suppose it may be more subjective in the later mostly clinical sections.

    It's to the school's advantage to see that everybody learns the stuff well, passes, and earns their RN on the 1st try. Looks good on their retention rate and 1st time NCLEX pass statistics. I don't view myself as competing with anybody in class but myself.
  13. by   pyrolady
    Dear First Year Student: It's great to strive for all "A's". However, when you graduate you take the same board that everyone does, and I've never applied for a position where they asked my grade point. I heard an old saying once - "What do they call an RN with a "C" average?" The answer: An RN. The good grades will always hold you in good stead, hopefully you will remember it all, but a lot of great nurses had lower averages in school and great in hands on clinicals.