grr, missed my first test and a lab

  1. GRR. I just want to vent. I had my first test today and A&P lab and I missed them because of the stupid stomach flu. Stupid Stomach Flu!!!!!!!!!! GRRRR.

    I called my professors ahead of time and also Emailed. I left voicemail and haven't heard back yet. I'm sure I can make them up but I'm so annoyed. I don't want to be potentially viewed as one of those students who don't care and don't show up for class!!

    But on the other hand...... if they would've seen me they'd be glad I didn't come in and get them sick....!! But I'm still annoyed. Why couldn't I get sick tomorrow instead!?? GRR.

    OK, thanks for listening. ;-)

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  3. by   BrandyBSN
    Welcome to COLLEGE!!!!!!

    The law of averages. You will only get sick during these times:

    1) you have a big test
    2) you have an important class
    3) it is your only day off for the month
    4) you are caught up enough to actually have a night of fun
    5) you really need to study
    6) its your midterm break
    7) its your summer vacation
    8) your family is coming to visit you
    9) Its your clinical day

    and the number one reason you will be sick?

    I get sick every time, so i try to trick my brain into thinking that i WANT to be sick, because of course, when i want to be sick I never am

    Good Luck, eat a few crackers, and drink a little 7up. Hope you feel much better soon!

  4. by   peaceful2100
    BE really careful. I am not saying what you have is not the flu but in my city there has been lots of people who have been getting really sick and quite a few of my classmates have been sick and missing class and clinical. Whatever is going around is not just a 24 hour thing in my city. It is ugly. I am starting to get sick but I am doing everything possible to avoid it although I am not for sure I will be able to totally avoid it. I been getting plenty of Vitamin C.
  5. by   essarge
    Remember, stress plays havoc on your immune system. I can tell you when I had A&P I was stressed more than not! My stomach was NOT my friend until I decided that I would take it easy the morning of the test, go out to breakfast with a friend, and get to class just before it started. Never had a "sick" day since!

    I'm not saying that you didn't have the stomach flu, just wanted to give you some advice to follow while you are in school. Hope this helps!
  6. by   zannie
    Well, I seemed to have recouperated fairly unscathed from my stomach bug........

    I also made up my lab today. It was a little weird b/c I arrived at 1pm (our agreed upon time) but she was in the middle of another class and paused to get me started on my stuff and went on with class. I felt like such an intruder. But I got it all done and feel quasi-back on track.


    Love, Zannie