graduation invitations etc.

  1. so how many people are you allowed to invite to your pinning ceremony/graduation?

    we are very limited (i think) in that we can only have 10 guest attend our pinning.

    also, do you buy invitations? make your own? how are they worded?

    just some nice graduation thoughts to see those of us through that are so close to the end.
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  3. by   essarge
    We are only allowed 4 people at pinning. I don't graduate until next year and we are trying to change that amount to at least 10. My "extended family" all want to come but, if they can't get into the pinning, they plan on attending graduation the next I will have a whole section of the bleachers filled for me!!
  4. by   Nurse2BinNC
    We are only allowed to invite 5 people to our pinning, but graduation is unlimited.
  5. by   Dionysus
    It's probably a stupid question, but what exactley is the difference between pinning and graduation? Everytime I hear pinning mentioned it seems to carry a mystical/special aurora around it. I've always thought it was just a part of the graduation ceremony. Maybe somebody can enlighten me, maybe even share stories of there graduation/pinning. Thanks!
  6. by   xantha31669
    We are only allowed to invite 5 people.

    Rena maybe someone else in your class only has two and could let you use a couple of their invites.
  7. by   NurseDixie
    I will graduate in December, therefore, we do not get to have a pinning ceremony. I think we get to invite 5 to graduation and we get to pick someone to pin us then.
  8. by   Rena RN 2003
    xantha - yes, in past graduating classes, much swapping of coveted tickets for the ceremony has been done. and there are people already talking about it now and we still have 97 days til the pinning. i attend a CC and our auditorium is very small hence the seating restrictions.
  9. by   zacarias
    There's no limit at my school to how many we can invite. The sad thing is our pinning ceremony is going to be pathetic unless we get creative.
    Our instructors want the power, they want to decide how the pinning ceremony goes. The way they have it, they spend as little money as possible on it and make it very hokey and embarrassing. Now they tell us the "little theater" at our school is gonna be remodeled so we have to graduate in the gym! Man, everyone freaked and now we're all struggling to find an alternate venue!!!

  10. by   vaughanmk
    I can only invite 4 people to graduation. I go to a small private university. The fees for graduation alone is outragous. I haven't yet heard of anything in regards to a pinning ceremony for us yet. I'll ask around tommorrow in class.
  11. by   nursbee04
    Dion - Pinning, at my college, is the ceremony for nursing students that signifies that they have successfully completed the nursing program. You wear white plus your cap (at least in my program) and receive your nursing pin. Graduation is the cap and gown ceremony with the rest of your graduation class at your college/university and is not specific to the nursing program.

    I'm pretty sure this is how it goes at my school, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!!
  12. by   legsmalone
    Graduation is no limit, and if we get the venue we want for our pinning, it holds 800 people, so in theory, each of us could invite 20 people.

    Dionysus-Graduation is the whole cap, gown, diploma etc.
    The pinning is traditionally a candle lit ceremony, where each person gets their nurse pin. Some schools recite the Florence Nightengale nursing oath, but my class read it and decided not to.

    Although, this is a random question and all; but we had heard that Cal State Los Angeles class of 2001 rewrote the oath to make it more 21st century, taking all peoples, religions etc into account. Has anyone heard about it or read it? We are trying to track it down and see if we want to read it at our pinning.