Got a D on a midterm evaluation

  1. Hi guys! I need some advice and answers bad. I got a D on my clinical midterm evaluation due to getting a B on most the objectives and a C on one.I received a D in intellectual and I don't know why. Does this mean I failed clinical if they require a C? I don't know if my final evaluation will save me or did I pretty much fail this course?
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  3. by   verene
    This is something you need to take up with your instructor and/or faculty student adviser. They will be able to speak to your specific situation as well as have knowledge on how the mid-term is weighted and to what extent this impacts your ability to pass the course.
  4. by   Shailat
    The midterm is weighed less than the final but I am worried if recieving a D means I failed. I have a meeting set up but my nerves are on fire due to the situation. I'm going to be freaking out until the meeting.
  5. by   klone
    I'm sorry you're stressing. There is no way any of us here can answer your question.
  6. by   nursephillyphil
    This is not something we can answer or advise you on. You need to speak with your professor.
  7. by   FutureNurseInfo
    I am confused, how did you get a D when you said that you earned a B on most of your objectives, and one C? Like others said, ask your professor so she/he can clarify the grading. Btw, you should have been familiar with the rubric/checklist beforehand.
  8. by   Dying2nurse
    I'm sure if you failed or not but I would contact the clinical professor and ask. Also find out where you went wrong and how you can correct it going forward. If you have more questions about specifics you can message me.

    ~Good Luck