Gordon's Functional Hlth Patterns??

  1. Does anybody else use Gordon's Functional Health Patterns in their nursing program?? No Maslow's or Erickson's??

    We have to collect the FHP Database, come up with the addendum, etc and it all seems sooooo repetitive.

    I've noticed in the threads about the NCLEX that questions are generally about Maslow or Erickson so I'm wondering if I'll be at a disadvantage when it comes time to be tested?

    And truthfully, I'm just a wee bit tired of the redundancy...blah blah blah
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  3. by   henry-106
    truesn: yeah my school uses Gordon's stuff. i thought the exact same thing when they presented the things that will be on the NCLEX. are we at a disadvantage? i am just in my first quarter of nursing school, and already i am tired of redundancy as well. :zzzzz
  4. by   suzy253
    We use Maslows