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  1. Hello All! I live south of Ft. Worth, Texas and was wondering if anyone could suggest any good nursing schools in the area. I am starting back to school next year for my prereqs but I am unsure of the nursing program where I'll be attending. Since I don't know anyone else in this field, I thought I would ask the experts Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   subec
    Hello Laura----Welcome!!!!

    Are you interested in getting your BSN or your ADN?

    I attend UT Arlington, and I really like it. I just started the first semester of the 4 semester BSN program. TWU, Baylor, and TCU also offer BSN programs. Tarrant County College, and the Dallas County Community Colleges offer ADN programs. I have heard that TCC's program is good, and I have also heard that the El Centro branch of DCCCD is also good.

    I applied to both TWU and UTA, but UTA was my first choice. I have a good friend at Baylor, and she likes their program.

    I don't know if this helps, but I hope it does.

    Good luck with your pre-req's
  4. by   LaurasoonRN
    Thank you for all of the information!!! It does help a lot. I am going for my BSN. I'll check into all of these schools. Thanks again!
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    Welcome LaurasoonRN.. nice to have you here !