Going to disappear for a while

  1. Hey!! That is right I will be a ghost for a while. Tomorrow I start the 3rd day of my second semester of junior year and all I can say is oh my, my. I am going to be WAYYYYYYYYYYY busy this semester. I have community for 6 weeks, Peds for 3 weeks and then OB for 3 weeks. So NO care plans for the first 6 weeks BUT we have a major teaching project to do for the community and it will be an individual teaching project. We also found out that on feb 7th that we have to go to Topeka,Kansas for the Kansas Student nurse association for legislature day and it counts as a clinical day we won't have clinical that day so we have to go there and write a paper on the topics that was discussed. For those who are not familar with Missouri/Kansas which is most people topeka is about an hour drive from my nursing school in Kansas City, Missouri. We must get there on our ownl. Oh well. I will be back once in a while to say hi and how things are going. Well, I got to go to my night class which starts at 600 tonight it is christianity 2 .

    Take care
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  3. by   MRed94
    Have fun, and keep your head above water....

    Stop in once in a while and let us know how it goes. Take care.

  4. by   zacarias

    Well I wish you the best for the semester! It's great that you get to do some community nursing! We really don't have a clinical setting in my program that addresses that. The only thing is we have a trip to Mexico that some of us may go on where we will be dealing with community nursing/sanitation issues in Monterrey Mexico which would really fascinating I'm sure.
    I too am busy with school, hope you can find some times here and there to come and post both on her and on AOL!

  5. by   moni rn
    please be careful!

    even though of all the work, i hope you will have some fun this semester! :d

    good luck!
  6. by   NurseAngie
    Take care of yourself and best wishes this semester~Ang