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What strategies has everyone used to organize syllabi etc for nursing classes? three ring binders and dividers or?????... Read More

  1. by   todell80
    Thanks for all the great tips, guys. Its funny, not matter how messy and cluttered my house is, one thing I can't stand is a messy backpack!! I love, love, LOVE 3 ring binders!!! All my stuff, in one neat package, how can you go wrong?! I got a 99 cent clear pencil box at Staples last night to put my teeny stapler, hole punch, white out, post-it flags and other various things. Now, I'm all organized, and hopefully it will last through the first week!!
  2. by   Natkat
    Quote from hlfpnt
    I found keeping my notes in order by date & subject in a large 3 ring binder with tabs to be helpful.
    I did that too and it really is super helpful.

    I just don't drag that whole freakin' binder to class every day. I only take the relevant power point for that topic. I put it in one of those folders that has those little brad thingies in them. After we test on that unit I take it out of the folder, put it in the Big Binder, then put my next power point in the folder with the brad thingies.

    The Big Binder gets very full. That is why I needed separate binders for lab and clinical. With all the flipping back and forth the pages start to fall out. I have trouble focusing so that is why I only take the relevant power point to class and leave the rest at home.
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