Fundraising suggestions?

  1. I recently posted this, but since (as stated before) I am new to this site, I didn't realize that if you post the same thing in different groups that it was considered spam. Apparently I even had a couple of responses but since the threads were all deleted I have no idea what they said so I apologize to you all for repitition and thank you in advance for your responses.

    Does anyone have any ideas for fundraising beyond the typical car wash and bake sale ideas. I am president of my school's NSNA and am trying to raise money to not only send people to national conference, but also for a charity group. Does anyone have any suggestions for fundraising. We are a small group, so I'm sure we will be doing multiple fundraising projects.

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  3. by   edgwow
    You have to do a chinese auction. My husband is on the playground committee at the school and made $8,000 in 1 night.
    You can have a beef and ale (non alcoholic) and see if you can get local businesses to donate lunchmeat and/or rolls or soda. Use the businesses that the students frequent in the community. Type up a letter asking your request for donations, in return you will add the donors business to the brochure that is given out to all participants on the night of the event and put it on school stationary.
    You need to sell tickets (can be made up on the computer, usually 20 dollars a head), advertise, see if anyone can spin CD's, have a talent show or some Kareoke, and get some baskets, sell tickets and have a chinese auction. Look it up on the internet how to have one. It costs some upfront money , but there is a sweet payoff. You can advertise your event by flyers in the neighboring town, all the local convenience stores. You do need to get written permnision to have a beef and ale from the facility where you are going to hold it.
    You can raffle tickets printed up for a 50/50. Your group gets half of all that is collected and you give the other half to the winner.Sell Soft pretzels one day a week, every week.
    A mardi gras party. You can get supplies from Oriental Trading.
  4. by   Jules A
    Pizza Hut donated a portion of proceeds for patrons that presented a coupon with our class information on it for one night. It was nice for us to have an excuse to go out for a nice evening. We also made quite a bit of money selling candy bars.
  5. by   mommy2boys
    For my sons PTA I organized a flower bulb sale (I can't remember the name if the company but we got the info off the net). Everything in the catalog was $5 and we kept 1/2 of it. We also did a Christmas wreath and garland for christmas. Both of those were great money makers for our school.

  6. by   mommy2BCD
    We sold school sweatshirts and just jacked up the price a little bit. We have a smaller school that is a branch of a larger university so there isn't a bookstore type place around. That went well. We are also having an AWESOME raffle. It is a "vacation in your own backyard". We got all of the prizes donated and we have 3 mini vacation getaways. The grand prize is for a family and worth at least $1000. The other one is a couple getaway at a bed and breakfast and the third is a family prize at a water park. It is ALL profit so we expect to do good. Hope that helps a little...
  7. by   TheCommuter
    Consider raffles as a fundraising idea. The raffle grand prize is usually a boombox or some cool portable DVD player. Basically, every person pays $5 or $10 for a raffle ticket and, if their name is called, they win the grand prize. The grand prize is only worth $75, but the raffle typically nets several hundred dollars.
  8. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    A couple of years ago some students came by selling stuff for their school. First thing I thought, "Oh no, not chocolate bars again!" but they were selling lightbulbs! I mean honestly, who doesn't need a lightbulb?!? Make all the excuses you want about chocolate, but everyone's gonna need a new lightbulb at some point. I think we ended up buying about $10 worth, since it was actually something we WOULD use! They had a little sheet explaining where the money was going, and a thankyou for supporting their school. Probably not practical for your group, as you are all in college, but your question reminded me of that group of kids.