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What kind of fundraising do y'all do in your school organizations? We are struggling to raise money and are out of ideas. Thanks for you help.... Read More

  1. by   orrnlori
    We raised enough money for ourselves that we threw a nice pinning ceremony at a fancy clubhouse fully catered and was able to offset the cost per student by about 10.00 each, a huge post grad party (nearly a drunken brawl), gave a nice plaque to the nursing instructors, donated money towards everyone's nursing pins, and still had money left over to have leather and brass key rings made for each instructor in the program with their names engraved on them.

    We made stethescope snuggies, sold them for 2.00 each during our clinicals to the nurses on the floors and to our own classmates (I think we made about 400.00 on them). We bought and resold (for a profit) 10K nursing charms (another 300.00+). We sold golf shirts to our class with our insignia on them (can't remember how much we made but it was about 10.00 per shirt and I think we sold them for about 19.00). We tried the idea of car washes, etc., but no body wanted to really work physically to raise money.

    The instructors told us they'd never had a class raise so much and do so much for their own before us.
  2. by   LadyMarine
    We decide to not do fundraising. We pay dues, so it is easy for everyone. We have 2 treasurers in the class and we pay $2.00 a month or a one time payment of $30.00. We have 42 in the class and we want a really nice party at the end with food and music, etc. It works for us, NO SELLING. Just an idea. Nancy
  3. by   MryRose
    I like the one time fee idea myself..... much easier and leaves all your time fro studying.

  4. by   RNSuzq1
    Quote from RNinProgress
    What kind of fundraising do y'all do in your school organizations? We are struggling to raise money and are out of ideas.

    Thanks for you help.
    Hi, I'm not quite sure what the fundraisers are for - but I do have an idea.

    I'm a Quilter and currently work for a Non-Profit Org. (they're always looking for money). A group of us that Quilt get together a few times a year - make a quilt and raffle it off. The quilts have taken in between $500.00 and $1,000.00 - depending on how many tickets we can sell.

    You might want to ask around and see if anyone in your group sews or their Mom's/Gradmothers, etc. I know most students probably don't have tons of time to do this while studying - but you never know. Hope this helps. SusanNC
  5. by   AlishaNHayzley
    We just got done with a valentines raffle that had prizes like dinners and weekend hotel packages that friends of friends in out class got to donate. We raised about $4000.00. Our goal is $35,000 to cover NCLEX expenses, pinning ceremony, and if any is left over, we make a scholarship for future classes.
  6. by   Ex130Load
    My school is part of a university system: med, pharmacy, dental tech, x-ray, ultra sound, etc. So, I suspect we may have a larger student body than some. We've sold t-shirts with moderate success. We only sell what's ordered so we don't get stuck with excess inventory like the preceding class. The class has held several chile sales. By and large we like'em--simple to make or can do canned from Sam's Club; those don't cook can donate cheeze, chopped onions, peppers; and popular with all ages. Made $350-400 the last time around. Plan on another before graduation to pump up the account for celebration. We've doubled dues to $10.