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I have a question for any maternity nurses out there--or for that matter any working nurses out there! I just finished my Maternity rotation. And I was excited about going because of how... Read More

  1. by   Stargazer
    Agree with everyone who says this isn't unique to maternity nurses. You just had the misfortune to have your rotation in a unit where this unacceptable behavior is unfortunately accepted.

    When I was in school, we had 2 rotations where the nurses were horrible to students. At one hospital, my school actually pulled its nursing students off a surgical floor because of the nursing staff-- and refused to schedule them there again. Apparently this was quite embarassing for the floor nurses and for the nursing administration, and I think some butts got chewed over it. And rightfully so.

    At another hospital, we had a surgical elective and had the option to work in short stay recovery for a day. Our instructor warned us that the nurses there were renowned as b*tches, and stated we could opt out, but they continued to offer it simply because they felt it was a valuable clinical experience. I chose to take the experience and did okay. (The nurses were abrupt but not horrible, and since I'd been forewarned, I didn't take it personally.)

    I also agree that your DON needs to know about your experiences. The hospital, and more importantly the school, should be protecting you from treatment like that.
  2. by   peaceful2100
    My OB experience was great!! I am sorry to hear that yours was not so great. Rest assured that the problem is not everywhere like others mentioned. Maybe it was a bad day or maybe it is just that particular maternity unit. However, I was at a pretty good maternity unit for my rotation and if I don't do NICU then I would definitely do the OB unit. Some of the nurses we had were not so friendly towards students but most were not.

    Try not to take it too personally, some nurses do get territorial and I find that most of them are like that because they don't want any mistakes to happen. In labor and delivery from my understanding things happen very quickly and it is vital that one acts very quickly to prevent bad things from occuring.