Freshman in college, Nursing?

  1. Hey! I am new to this board, and I've been looking for a nursing discussion board for a while. I am considering getting my RN here at the community college. I am not sure if I'm cut out to be an Rn or if I should go into Radiology or Sonograms. I don't like needles or the ideas of catheters, cleaning up vomit, etc...but I really want to help other, and I plan to use my career when I go overseas on missions. Any advice would be really appreciated!
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  3. by   RNntraining
    Hello there! I too am new to the board....psst by the way don't ask about what type of degree is better- just scroll down and read my post! anyhow, i too was apprehensive at first about the whole needle, poo, pee, and every other unimaginable bodily fluid and smell that you never thought could immerse from a person. but then first round of clinicals came and i actually impressed myself at how controlled i was. don't get me wrong there were some things that caught me off guard and really tested my wits (amongst other things!), but for the most part it really made me realize that i could actually be a nurse! if you decide to stick it out and give nursing a try... just keep in mind that the person you're caring for is someone's mother, grandfather, or child. then think of how you'd like you're loved ones to be cared for and the peri care, phlegm, and funky smells don't seem all that intollerable. best of luck and hope all goes well for you
  4. by   RNConnieF
    If you are thinking about being a nurse you are most likely to belong to nursing, not many even consider it. Don't think we enjoy poop, vomit, blood, guts, and all the rest, we just do it as part of the job. I still HATE mucous, even tho my father was trached and I took care of him, I REALLY dislike trachs, suction, and mucous but I still do it every day, it comes with the job and I LOVE other parts of nursing so I do it. You will too.
    PS. RNntraining, sorry you got your head bit off, it's just that we get SOOOO tired of hearing " RN vs BSN vs MSN vs NP" we could puke, somewhere it has gotton lost that 's it's all nursing, period end of story.
  5. by   Buttercup
    Hi, ILive4Jesus00! I was in the same boat...thinking about nursing but not sure I could "handle" it all.

    Have you thought about volunteering at a local hospital, nursing home, etc? Or, ask the HR contact if you could shadow a nurse for a day.

    I started volunteering the in Intensive Care/Special Care Nurseries at a local hospital. After the initial adjustment, I just love it.

    Good luck!
  6. by   babynursewannab

    Which hospital did/do you volunteer at? I live nearby and am curious.
  7. by   Buttercup
    Hi Alyssa, I'm volunteering every Monday night @ DeKalb Medical Center. Mostly I help the Unit Secretary, but everyone knows that I'm planning on nursing school and most seem open to me observing and answering my questions. Last week I watched an IV procedure, next week I hope to see a C-section :hatparty:

    You go to KSU? How is it? I'm looking at GPC for my pre-req's since it's the most affordable, then GPC, GSU, KSU or Clayton for the actual nursing program. It will all depend on financing since I'm self suporting (and older, 38). I've already paid off one student loan, so I hope to find a hospital loan forgiveness program. Hope to go for a BSN, if not I'll shoot for GPC's ADN and then work on a bridge program.

    Do you know anything about such programs in this area? Also, will they pay for your pre-req's, or just actual nursing classes?

    Thanks for any info you may have...

  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i agree with connie. by the way connie, my mom has a trach and she does all of her care.
  9. by   legsmalone
    I totally agree that if you are thinking about it, you should try volunteering somewhere, and trust me, I can't stand to watch my own blood being drawn, I can't stand mucous either but I love what I do. Hopefully after I finish this last year of school I still will!!:roll
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by legsmalone
    i totally agree that if you are thinking about it, you should try volunteering somewhere, and trust me, i can't stand to watch my own blood being drawn, i can't stand mucous either but i love what i do. hopefully after i finish this last year of school i still will!!:roll
    and welcome!
  11. by   legsmalone
    originally posted by lpn,future, rn
    and welcome!
    thank you much and to you as well future rn!
  12. by   ILive4Jesus00
    Thank you all for what you've said. I have thought about job shadowing and just seeing what actually goes on. Right now I am working as a runner for a law firm (for the money, not the experience) But I would like to see things first hand and maybe I won't be so apprehensive!