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what do you expect from your orientation experience? what kinds of information are you expecting to get from your instructors? what kinds of information do you think would be helpful from... Read More

  1. by   det01
    Our orientation (at my new school that I just transfered into - had to leave the other one when USAF told us to move) is on August 7th from 8:30 to 12:00pm. Not sure what all will go on - just know that it is MANDATORY. - they put mandatory in all caps and very big writing in the letter they sent. They even devoted an intire page of the letter for telling us this meeting was mandatory.
  2. by   KAYfutureLPN
    Our first week seems to be orientation. We go a whole day (8-4:30) on Monday and then Tues. and Weds. we go from 12-4:30 and then Thursday it's a whole day again. (My classes normally will go from Mon-Thur 8-4:30.)
    I'm so excited though. Not ony am I excited about the first week of school but I get to go on a mini vacation from Thurs evening to Sunday at the Lake.
  3. by   marci3335
    I'm not sure what to expect- but I heard that there will be instructors assigning homework for the first day of school!! That worries me a little bit since there's still a lot for me to do before I get into "study-mode!"

  4. by   bedpan
    We had our first test in Medical Terminology the second day of classes! And it was a tough one - 72 questions I believe i was!