1. ok, the big day is approaching! after coutless hours of studying, many tears shed, days gone by, im finally taking the nclex! my big day is wed. the 17th of june. i remember coming to this site as a prereq. student wishing i was the one in ns, wishing i was about to graduate and take to those of you waiting,your day will be here! i need some help though.does anyone have any advice about what i should eat the day of my test? i am taking boards at 2pm.i dont want to go on an empty stomach, but i dont want to be rolled in the room! i dont want to feel full and sleepy, but i dont want to be shakey and hungry debating on what time i should eat lunch. im really excited and very nervous at the same time.i will graciously accept any and all advice and personal stories! thanx:d

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  3. by   Nurse_Diane
    I would eat something with protein definitely.. if you have too many carbs, you will crash. Protein = brain food

    As far as dressing, it's best to dress in layers. If you are too hot/cold you can add or remove them. wear something very comfortable (I wore sweat pants and Crocs- remember, not a Fashion Show). Try to get there early to make sure you find where you are supposed to be, etc. It will allieviate some of the stress.

    Think POSITIVE thoughts. You graduated, you worked hard, you know the material, you CAN DO THIS!!

    Go get 'em.. !!

  4. by   locolorenzo22
    i would go with a good chef salad with low fat salad dressing...eggs and meat. Dress in layers, know that you know your stuff...and you'll do great! NO nachos...voice of expierence.
  5. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Our instructors always give ups peppermints before our exams she says it helps our brain. Don't know if its true or not but I was choppin those mints down during my exam.