Fl BSN schools?

  1. I plan on applying for Nursing School in the Spring. Can anyone reccomend any Nursing Schools in Florida for a BSN program? How many should I apply to? What is the ave. GPA? I still have to finish up my pre-reqs next semester and next summer!
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  3. by   nursing 101
    Hi nole nurse,
    I'm in the south of Fl, Miami to be precise... I attend Barry University and so far so good... I'm taking my pre-req's and will start my nursing clinicals in the fall of 2003. I've heard great reviews about Barry. And boy do they work you. Once you get accepted into the school of Nursing they map out your whole school and what you should take evry semester and exactly when you will start clinicals and when you will finish. If you are a transfer student it's even better. I don't think you need a very high gpa 2.7 is what is required + a C or better in all your sciences. They also have an accelereated program if you have more than 60 credits. It's very hard and will only take you one year. But I heard that people usually drop out of that one.
    The next school is FIU Florida International University. Very competitive. There's not that long of a waiting list but these days evryone wants to be a nurse so you never know. It's a State University good reputation but to much competition. Too much testing. Next is FAU Florida Atlantic University so far I've herad that their nursing program focuses mostly on research. People usually leave to attend Broward C.C. (ASN). University of Miami as expensive as Barry but a very good University. Has a good reputation but I haven't heard too much about their program.
    Keep in mind that these are only schools in the South. I also heard that the University of Jacksonville is good.
    Keep us posted on the school you choose.
  4. by   dstudent
    I have no idea as I am from New Zealand but would like to wish you luck in your chosen career.
  5. by   beaRNwhenIgroUP
    i live in orlando and go to ucf...there isn't a wait list...can't really say i'd recommend this program - sad but true...there's uoff in gainesville as far as i know that is a really good program - they have a med school and a teaching hospital...there's university of south florida in tampa, i haven't heard much about the program but recently have thought about checking it out...i think maybe nova southeastern has a program too - i'm not even sure about that , though.
    i can't say i know much about how competitive any of these are...ucf accepts 90 a year out of 400 or so, the low gpa is about 3.15 +/-

    what part of fl are you moving to?

    let us know what you decide
  6. by   nolenurse
    beaRNwhenIgroUP ~ I attend UCF right now...why don't you recomend their program?? I am probably going to apply to many FL Nursing Schools. Please let me know the "inside" about UCF's program and your personal experience...I'd really appreciate it!!! Thank you! I'll let you know when I get into one.
  7. by   jode
    The University of Fla has a very good BSN program and is associated with the Shands hospital.........a large reputable teaching hospital. Gainesville is a nice small college town. But if you are into Football ...you mite want to leave you NOLE shirt off!!!:-)
  8. by   beaRNwhenIgroUP
    originally posted by jode
    the university of fla has a very good bsn program and is associated with the shands hospital.........a large reputable teaching hospital. gainesville is a nice small college town. but if you are into football ...you mite want to leave you nole shirt off!!!:-)
    yes...i've heard many good things...my sis went to uoff & loved it...if i didn't own a home & have a hubby here on orlando - i'd be outta here:d

  9. by   ashse
    The University of West Florida in Pensacola has offered a RN to BSN bridge program for awhile now and I think starting this year they are now offering a 4 year BSN program. Since it is new, I know nothing about it but it is a Florida option.

    Also, if you live in any of the western most panhandle counties of Florida, you can get Alabama in-state tuition rates at the University of South Alabama in Mobile which has many medical programs including a good nursing one. That's where I'll end up. (I'm in an ADN program and i have a B.B.A. degree in another field already so South Alabama has a good program for people like me.)

    Good luck wherever you end up!
  10. by   betts
    UCF is your choice for the Orlando area offering the BSN unless you're willing to travel. UofF in Gainesville has an exceptional BSN program and UofSF in Tampa has a good rep as well.
    JAX University offers a good 'online' program but has drawbacks.

    As remarked above, Good Luck whatever your decision.
  11. by   momangel29
    Florida is a big state! Which part? I live in the treasure coast so I plan to go to Florida atlanic University in Boca Raton. They have satellite classes in Port St Lucie West. Good luck!
  12. by   beaRNwhenIgroUP
    Originally posted by momangel29
    Florida is a big state! Which part? I live in the treasure coast so I plan to go to Florida atlanic University in Boca Raton. They have satellite classes in Port St Lucie West. Good luck!
    i always wanted to go to FAU...and live in BOCA...

    ahhhhh....boca raton....