first sort of med error

  1. I was in clinical yesterday and made my first med error. I mixed Digoxin in an IV solution of D5 when I should have mixed amniodarone in the D5 solution. Luckily I noticed it BEFORE I left the med room and we threw it away and started over, but it made me VERY nervous the rest of the shift. My Preceptor was great and told me not to worry about it since we caught the error and nothing bad happened, so I am trying to shake it off but it still lingers in the back of my head.
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  3. by   dijaqrn
    This is called a "near miss" and our facility policy requires that we write these events up for learning purposes. Be thankful you caught this and always remember your "rights" no matter how busy you are! '
  4. by   Daytonite
    Now you know why you check your meds at least three times before you give them! Nothing to be upset about. You caught the problem. I locked myself out of my car not once, but three times over the years. Now, I have a mechanism in place so I don't do it again. Same idea. You have safeguards in place to minimize error. We are only human, kiddo. It's when we dismiss the idea that we could even mess up that it's time to take away the right to practice. You did good! :icon_hug: Now go have a nice weekend.
  5. by   locolorenzo22
    Yep, med errors are a fact of the profession. That's why we CHECK CHECK CHECK meds way before we leave the room and at bedsides.....I don't understand people that leave meds with pts and walk out....
    I remember my first (and so far) only med error....did not have good orientation, no research chance to see that client was diabetic and needed breakfast before meds....then gave an 11 oclock med with staff nurse, not instructor....was a big deal and then I was on my P's and Q's the rest of the term....let's just say that 8 weeks in LTC made me remember why I really don't want to work that field as a career....
    don't beat yourself up over it, the important part is you caught it....
  6. by   tx2007
    Thanks for the advice your right we are only human and I have to remember that and at least we caught the error before it reached the pt. I will always remember that and to always CHECK CHECK CHECK the meds!!! But at the same time not let this ruin my confidence.