First Semester Validations

  1. I was wondering what everyone thought of which of the first set of validations that you do in the very first semester are the most difficult? I will be starting clinical in Jan. 08 and thought that if I could identify where the difficult areas are, I could try to practice them at home if possiable before the stress/nerves/presure thing sets in come January. Thanks for any help.

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  3. by   AprilRNhere
    Are you a CNA or starting fresh? Our first semester validations were simple for everyone in our class...simply because it was all aide tasks- bedbaths, vitals etc...

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   captron74
    I am starting fresh from the begining in the RN program. I figured there has to be something that always gave people trouble, no matter how simple it seems now.
  5. by   Jamie2887
    Making an occupied bed, I found that i froze up and forgot what i needed, also if your not fast at it, and you have that 90 yr old pt rolled to one side, it becomes very uncomfortable for them. So practice making that half as quick as possible, to get them rolled back over. Complete bed baths arn't too diffilcult, just remember always go distal to proximal. Practice your BP! if you havnt already, its often loud at the hospital and harder to do than your traditional mom at home. Other than those things, we (first semester) havn't done much else.
  6. by   APBT mom
    The only thing that I would say that was difficult for some people were making occupied beds also. Best way to practice is to do it at home. Have someone lay in bed and change the sheets by rolling them and have them assist you with turning and staying on their side. Then do it again but have them be of no help in the turning or satying on your side so you can get the hang of having to it one handed. Other than that everything is pretty easy.