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Hi everyone. I have been attending college now for almost 2 years, getting my nursing prereq's completed AND I MADE THE PROGRAM, STARTING FALL/02. Before I decided to go for my RN, I studied... Read More

  1. by   fnimat1
    Well for me this semester, I'm taking the 2 pre-req's to get into the nursing program...A & P 1 and Chem 101. About 3 weeks before the semester, I e-mailed the science dept. and they told me the titles of all the books. So I went to the bookstore and got all of my books used.....I didn't pay more than $75.00 per book. And my A & P book is $ I saved big. Also we are only using half of the book for A & P 1....we're using the other half for A & P the price was worth it. We are using the lab book for A & P 2 also. So I think it's best to just plan ahead.

    "RN 2B from Jersey"
  2. by   P_RN
    I kept all my texts from the first 2 trips into student land. They're here somewhere.

    The third and final, I just went to the library if and when an actual text reference was needed. (rarely I might add)

    The bookstores have the newbies over a barrel. The freshemn don't know about the library and the habits of professors to repeat the same info every class every semester.

    I also believe that the administrators and the booksellers are in cahoots to decide to CHANGE the books every year or so in order to prevent them being handed down to incoming students.

    I kept almost all my journals though. In fact my DH just tossed some of my [u]Nursing[/] from 1974!

    Oh well, maybe I really didn't need them .
  3. by   pebbles
    3 years after graduating in canada, I'm now studying some old stuff that I haven't used since school, so I can write the NCLEX. There is something to be said for buying and keeping textbooks. Not everything changes with a few years, and the basics are still relevant from my old books.
  4. by   tapper
    For some prereques not buying the "required" text will work. You can quickly find this out after the first day or so of class.
    When I got into the actual nursing classes, I found out it would be impossible to NOT have the text. During lecture you are expected to have already read the text and you better be prepared to discuss/understand what you read.
    The exams test far more than what could ever be covered in lecture. Ya have to know the information and apply it, far better than you can grasp it by sitting in lecture.
    You would be wasting a lot of time by searching the web for info that could be found in the text. Our school does not have a book store, but has the texts available through a local university.