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  1. by   ashse
    No advice here, just sympathy for all you are going through. I went to pay for classes yesterday (paying cash out of pocket, that's MY financial aid rant! ouch!) and the mother/daughter duo behind me in line apparently had one horrible morning dealing with financial aid too. I was hearing all kinds of nightmarish stories.

    I hope you get all the paperwork you need in time. Best of luck in dealing with the bureaucracy and red tape. They make it so darn difficult, dont' they?
  2. by   nursing 101
    Speaking of scholarship, my financial aid advisor told me that they hurt you more than help you! I wonder if it's true?
    And also I went through the they had some good scholarship info but you have to meet so many criterias that it's impossible to even think about them. Rarely could you find one that was over 1000 and only one time.
  3. by   Mkue
    Where would we be without the Loans? I couldn't get by on just scholarshops, grants etc.. Don't get me wrong, "free money" is preferable to Loans, but at least the loans are a given, if you haven't used all the Max loan money alloted.

    My son didn't make as much $$ this summer as he had planned, thank goodness for student loans, so he can at least stay in school, pay apartment expenses.. books.. car payment.. etc..
  4. by   Swiftee
    Yay! I'm not alone! lol! I guess misery loves company, eh?

    Anyways, I'm seriously glad that I'm not the only one who's stressed over this, and I definatly feel better about it!

    That whole "expected family contribution" thing is stupid, IMO. I've heard of people who made enough money to live off of the year before applying to school but then got laid off and couldn't get financial help because they base the fin. aid eligibility off what you made the previous year. UGH. It's like they are basing their numbers off some sort of dream scenario in which we are all lucky enough to have big, fat college funds sitting in a bank that our parents have been saving for us since before we were born. It scares the crud out of me to think how expensive college is now and how much it will cost once MY kids start school.

    pdmt, I can't belive that thing about the $10,000! How unrealistic and stupid.

    Good luck to everybody!