Figured out my budget...

  1. everything goes according to plan...I figure I can quit my job exactly when I first planned to. I will have our last major credit card paid off my January, my car paid off by March and if I make minimum payments on DH's Mustang I will have a "nest egg" of $6500 for unforseen emergencies. I also plan to work at least 20 hours a week which should be enough to pay the minimum on DH's car. DH should be able to take over the the rest...he already does anyway...

    I'm going to pass the idea by him and see what he thinks! I originally planned to have the Mustang paid off...but that would put me behind for a whole year...I just don't think I can do that...I'm getting crazier by the day at work! I will apply to the Nursing program this year (deadline is March 1) and if accepted, I will go. Basically my part-time job will pay for the car payment. Wish me luck in telling the hubby!!! I hope he truly understands how much this means to me. I know he perceives a lot of my complaints as mere whining...but I honestly don't think I've wanted anything this badly before...except him of course!

    Thanks for reading!!

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  3. by   GPatty
    Best of all to you Bean....
    Here's a suggestion....write it down on paper so he can see exactly what is entailed in it.
    And if it's going to work, you go for it! Don't let anyone hold you back from your dreams....I did, and now it's been way to long. I should've been a nurse for 20 years by now, yet here I am just beginning...
    Good Luck and God bless!
  4. by   Mkue
    Sounds like a great plan Bean ! Best of luck to you
  5. by   ashemson
    You sound exactly like me! I have three kids, and my DH about freaked when I mentioned quitting and going back to school. I am now unemployed, paying for a sitter, and going to school. I figured up what my sitter will cost me, took out student loans, and put that money in savings to cover that. I am now looking for a PT job, just for extra spending money. It can be done, but I really hate the thought of paying back all of those loans when I am done. Good luck!