Feeling discouraged... need to be uplifted

  1. Well i am in level 3 at my school.... we are doing physical assessments... and that's about it really we will be doing dressing changes next week but for this first week of level 3 more assessments... anyways.... i had this pt today that is "dieing" anyways i lost my grandpa 4 months ago today... with the mannerisms this pt had i was very much reminded of my grandpa... anyways when i left i told her i was leaving and that i would be back tomorrow.. and i would see her then... she says to me "if i am still alive"
    I am just feeling really really discouraged right now... is this normal???
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  3. by   shape0fmyheart
    I am very sorry to hear about your grandfather, that's hard enough to deal with in itself without being reminded of it by patient's that you might feel some sort of connection with. That is a difficult situation, and yes it's normal for you to be feeling the way you are. It is something that you are going to have to learn to deal with in time, and that's really the only advice I can give you because although I am graduating next month, I have never had a dying patient. I'm sure when my time comes to deal with that I will feel the same way you are. To hear a patient say something like that would be so hard! I wouldn't know how to respond to that. The best thing you can do is not carry it with you, that's what they say right, leave your work at the hospital? Easier said than done I know, but it comes with time. Again, I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather, I recently lost mine as well. Keep your spirits up! It will get easier.
  4. by   VILLA
    Hello everyone;
    I can sympathize with you Ileany. I am currently a nursing student but not new to the medical field. I did 16 years in Oncology. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster, the first year was tough, but you do learn to see the positive and good in any situation. I dealt mostly with children who I knew may not make it. I decided that I would make a positie impact by interacting with them on a daily basis in a positive and uplifting manner. I took great pride in making everyday very special for them. This consoled me when the time came to part because I knew I made a difference and enhanced their day to day existence. This was my saving grace. It will become easier because you want to make a difference. Things will fall into place for you. I wish you the best, I am sure you will make a great nurse.
  5. by   oregonrene
    You sound like a very caring person. I have no help to offer, but I lost my grandpa 6 months ago and I share your pain. {{{HUGS}}}
  6. by   NurseLeeLee
    Tomorrow is a new day, and with new days come new opportunities to laugh and smile!!!
  7. by   meownsmile
    I feel if you ever lose that caring and compassion and the ability to shed a tear when you have a patient die its time to get out of nursing. Sometimes even as a experienced nurse its hard not to have your voice waiver, or show those emotions. We all have had people close to us die and have felt the emotional pain that the families are going through. It's part of the human experience we all have in common. And its ok, it shows the families we are human too. .
  8. by   ileany11
    Thank youto all of you that ihave responded.... Today was a NEW day and a much better one at that! I had a different patient but i did go to see the one from yesterday and she was more A&O so that was nice to see.... it was a good experience all in all... thank you again for listening to me... last night i was really down and out about the whole thing... i know i want to be a nurse and i know i can do it sometimes i just get lost in the process.....Thanks again!
  9. by   purplemania
    Caring is the primary quality of a good nurse. But never forget you are a person too, and you are still grieving. If anything good can be said about grief it is that the experience teaches us to respect and sympathize with others. Now when your patients are upset you will understand that emotion and be better able to deal with it. Being a better nurse is a great way to honor your Grandfather. Good luck.