Feel so guilty and like such a loser

  1. Had my IV verification today. On my first attempt, I was feeling good and then all of the sudden I froze. I had not punctured the skin but did poke the poor guys arm and panicked and stopped and pulled the needle back. My instructor calmly took over and finished. She was so supportive and nice but let me know that was not acceptable; I had to commit to a stick once I started, which I did know so I had no excuse. I did successfully start 2 IVs after that on my next 2 tries but I still can't shake this feeling. The patient was so sweet and said he didn't even feel anything but how could I make an error like that?

    Am I the only one who has ever completely panicked and made a huge stupid mistake like that?
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  3. by   Hygiene Queen
    I have.
    The first time I had to give a baby a shot...
    I stuck the needle in, got freaked and pulled the darn thing out before I injected so much as a drop.
    The father was there and was very kind about it.
    The nurse I was working with was kind too and simply said, "Let me show you" and she did the shot herself, while giving me instruction.
    I felt rather stupid, but I just couldn't poke that sweet little baby!
    But I learned that, yes, you must commit!
    The next time I had an opportunity to give another babe a shot, I committed and completed it successfully.
    Hang in there.
    You are not alone!

    By the way, I don't think that's a HUGE mistake.
    That was just doing something for the first time.
    No one was hurt.
  4. by   classicdame
    it just is different when the patient is not a manikin.Now you know that, so the next time you will be more prepared mentally. I read a book once about a medical student who had a similar reaction when he did his first surgical incision on a patient (instead of a cadaver). He was shocked that the patient was warm.
  5. by   Stoogesfan
    Ya I feel a little better today but still so embarrassed at myself. I really wish I would have had more than 2 more attempts after that to really get comfortable with it. I did feel really good by the second attempt...plus actually getting both attempts in was a confidence builder. But I still feel like I needed more practice.
  6. by   Esme12
    Starting IV's is a skill that takes experience, patience and practice. Why are you so hard on yourself? Sticking needles in peoples arms isn't a normal activity for most people. Even when you get "good" you will have days that you can't hit the side of the barn.....and that is ok.

    Allow yourself to learn and be human!!!!
  7. by   lalopop86
    Don't beat yourself up about it. Everything is SO different on a real person rather than in a simulated lab! I had a similar experience a few weeks ago with an NG tube insertion. I didn't commit, panicked, and the RN had to take over. Guess what I WON'T do next time I have to insert an NG tube? It's all a learning experience and we are there to do just that- learn. Brush it off and keep your head up!