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    Last semester I had a research class, with all 26 people in the nursing program. The entire class revolved around 1 paper. Throughout the course of the semester there were a total of 4 drafts handed in to the professor and 1 peer review. The research was done in groups of 4 and papers were written seperatley. I handed all my drafts in on time, the professor handed them back witha few remarks but nothing outragous. I went and talked to the professor several times for assistance/ guidance on the paper. Nothing out of the normal was ever said. Before handing in the final draft I had a MSN and an english professor check over things for any final suggestions. The final draft was handed in the last day of regular class before finals. (I had to take finals 3 days after everyone else because I had surgery) After taking my final on a Friday, the secretary handed me my final paper graded. My professor gave me a failing grade of 52%. There wasn't any explanation on it. Just a grading rubric with checkmarks in the lower half of the scoring columns. I went to talk with her but she left on sabatical until next August. I tried to talk to the dean of the department but the catch is that it is all the same person. I feel like I should have the option of getting someone over her head to see if the grade really is valid. Otherwise I feel as if I'm getting lower end of the deal. The paper was 55% of my final grade. I had A-B's on all the tests so my final grade ended up being a C, so luckily I can proceed through the program. But this is the worst grade of my life and I want to protest it.

    Any suggestions on what to do?

    Sorry this is so long winded ....MKV
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  3. by   renerian
    Wow your in a tough spot. Can you talk to the dean? Wow good luck.

  4. by   vaughanmk
    She is the dean of the department.
  5. by   rstewart
    Is there any chance that you could see the papers of the others in your group? If their grades were pretty good, the differences should be apparent when reviewing them side by side. Additionally, when doing so I would review the criteria specified in the assignment. Is it possible that you flat left something out?

    I would also think that the department has not been left without leadership until August-----someone had to have been appointed as acting dean, or at least as someone to assume critical duties while the dean is away. Find out who that is.

    I do think you are due an explanation for such a poor grade. I would think that any instructor should be able to tell at a glance why the paper received such a poor grade----hell, I'll bet I would be able to tell if I had the paper and the original assignment specifications.
  6. by   essarge
    Our school has a complaint system. If you have a complaint, you fill out a complaint form, attach copies of proof (in your case, copies of the draft), and turn it in. This procedure starts with the Dean and can end with the president of the college. See what the procedure is at your college.
  7. by   CountrifiedRN
    Do you have a Dean of Students at your school? Go above the department if you are unable to get an answer. If you're not sure, ask an advisor or guidance counselor.