Exit ATI?

  1. Has anyone taken the exit ATI or going to be?

    We have ours the day after our final from nursing school. We must get 65% or we pass and have to remediate and the school won't send our info to the BON to get our ATT.

    I have passed every single ATI in the program with the high upper 9oth% but I am freaking out because this is on EVERYTHING! They said it's like a mock NCLEX. What I did find with past ATI's is a lot of the info in the ATI book contraindicated what we actually learned in class. But, I passed them with flying colors

    Anyone taken/ have to take this?
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  3. by   ukstudent
    We needed to do this prior to graduating too. If you did fine with the other then this should not be a problem. It does cover all the subjects, a little peds, ob, psych with the med-surg. Go over basic concepts and you should be ok. It is not represenative of the nclex though. Nclex is in a different range altogether (more priority questions).
  4. by   queenjean
    If you got in the 90th percentile first time on the others, you will have no problem on this one. I scored on it the same as I scored on all the others. It wasn't any more difficult than the other ATIs.
  5. by   ernurse93
    I took it in June, it was not that bad. A lot of the questions were very familiar, almost exactly like the other ATI test. If you scored well on the other ones, you will do fine on this also. Just take your time reading the questions, some can be tricky just like the other tests.
    You will be just fine.:spin:
  6. by   Danish
    I took it too. Not bad at all. Just review your old practice ATI tests on Med/Surg, Peds, OB, pharmacology, and nutrition. Most of mine was on Med/Surg. I think I scored in the 90th percentile and on the other ones I was usually in the 80's.
  7. by   deleern
    I was always in the 80's but when I took the ATI the results indicated that I had a 99% chanch of passing the NCLEX!! and I Did. Under the most adverse conditions, I might add. My 27 year old daughter was in labor with my FIRST grandchild. and I had to Go to Fargo to take the test and she was in fosston The wrong direction.... I ans a 100 questions and it shut off. and dashed right back and made it in time for the pushing.
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