1. Exams soon the finals anyone got any good studying techniques or statergies to use PLEASE>>>>>>>NEED IT>

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  3. by   Thendar
    Originally posted by dstudent
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    Well first thing don't wait for the last minute

    Things that have helped me.

    1) All instructors test differently. On that first test try to determine the instructors "style".

    2) Take your time. If you get 1 hour to take the test spend the entire hour and read each question carefully, if multiple choice make sure you read each choice.

    3) This my sound silly but use gut feelings. I've changed many a answer on a test only to find out later that my first choice was correct.

    4) Take a class or attend a seminar on test taking strategies.
  4. by   dstudent
    Thanks Thendar great advice and will take heed of your wisdom

    all the best
  5. by   Mkue

    This works for me.

    1. Study in increments of 20 min.. then go do something else.. take a break.. study again for 20 min.. etc..

    2. Don't cram the night before, but review if you want to.

    3. Drink plenty of water.

    4. Make study cards (index) for courses like Pharm/drugs, etc..

    5. Always go over the Key Concepts and Learning objectives in the chapters.

    6. Multiple choice- like Thender said, read ea. choice first.

    7. Don't change answers, do leave a question blank but don't forget to go back and answer it.

    8. Drink fruit juice or eat fruit before the exam.. some ppl prefer chocolate !

    Good Luck ! Find what works best for you and relax
  6. by   javamom
    Thendar and Marie have given you great tips. I'm big on the index cards, getting plenty of sleep the night before and good relaxation techniques. I have a tendancy to study, know my stuff and then clam up horribly during the exam.

    Also, definately don't cram! Study each and everyday for at least a few minutes for your more "trying" classes. Repitition is the key to good learning, I believe!

    Good luck!
  7. by   maire
    I use a ton of index cards, a comfortable place to lie down and stretch out and this irritates some people but new age music played just barely audible helps me immeasurably.
    Cramming the night before never worked for me because invariably I'd go to take the exam and brainfart when it came down to answering questions.
    Repeat, repeat, repeat! It WILL stick in your head. Good luck!
  8. by   MelSky
    i review my old exams and read a little bit from my notebook each day as finals begin to approach. if u studied hard the first time around, then this stuff will all come back to you! good luck to you and everyone else on their finals!

  9. by   Mkue
    Like Stace said, get a good night sleep too.

    Last night I did a few index cards for an exam this morning, also went over a study guide, looked over the chapters.. went to bed early like 10 pm. It really wasn't cramming as I had looked over the stuff a few nights before.

    I missed "3" out of 50 on my exam but that's an "A".. also had the bottle of water on the way to class..

    I hope some of our tips help.. let us know !

  10. by   Jenn_RN
    What does the water do for you before you go in for your test? I know I need to drink more, maybe this will help me stick to it!
  11. by   dstudent
    Thank you everyone,

    You's were of all a great big help to me thank you for your support and tips.

    My exams are all done, Now it's just the agonising wait fingers crossed.

    Well again everyone thanks
    Good Luck to those still doing exams and those results.

    Hope everyone has a REAL HAPPY AND MERRY CHRISTMAS