Everything Just HIT THE FAN!

  1. I guess this is more of a rant than anything else...im soo ****** off right now!
    I'm in the first term for my RN at local coomunity college.
    1st test i got a 84%
    2nd test an 80%
    I'm thinking, "Hey allright, I'm getting the hang of this, i should be okay this term!"
    Then the 3rd test....
    60%!!!! I don't know WTH happened but i'm pretty ****** off at myself.

    The minimum to pass the term is 80%, after this last test that i BOMBED my overall grade is right at 80.1%

    We have 3 more tests left worth 50 pts each and a final of 50pts.

    I'm still alive gradewise as long as I can get 80% of better on all the remaining tests.

    I was on cruise control knockin out 80%+ on my tests and getting 90%+ on all my quizes and case studies
    and kickin bootie in clinicals....then this 60% test results comes outta nowhere. I have a appointment to
    look over my test with the instructor next week.

    I'm just full of emotions right now,,,everything from sad and depressed to flat out ****** at myself! :angryfire

    Welp,,its July 4th weekend, another test in 9 days,,,no holiday weekend for me...I'm MAD and gonna study all weekend.

    thanks for listening everyone! Wish me luck.
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  3. by   Natingale
    what was the test on?

    fluid and electrolytes killed my class
  4. by   CuriousMe
    So sorry, that's always a rotten feeling. But you're right in your reaction, just let it motivate you to study like crazy and knock the next one out of the park!!
  5. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Don't focus on the negative now. You should be using all this energy to focus on the next upcoming exams. In nursing school this happens. You can be flowing one minute then the next minute is like BAM ! Good luck and keep your eyes on the prize. The test review should be a big help as well.
  6. by   shoegalRN
    God, I sure don't miss those days!

    I know what you mean. In our school, you needed a 75% to pass. I was glad to see anything over a 75%.

    My Peds class almost took me out. I constantly had 75 or 76% on each test. One test, one question, literally could have taken me out. So, I focused on material for the upcoming tests.

    I say keep focusing on upcoming material. Go see the instructor and have him/her go over your last test, question by question to see where you tripped up. Take notes of that. That helped me.

    Good luck to you!
  7. by   Acosmo27
    Well it sounds like you got a wake up call. Perhaps it was just a bad subject or maybe you got a little too comfortable on this test and didnt study as much as you needed to. Whatever the case, Im sure you will do great on your next tests knowing that its all to easy to fall below the comfort zone. Good luck, and study hard!
  8. by   curlylights06
    My best wishes go out to you on your next test best luck !!!!!
  9. by   ScrappinSpidey
    I can sympathize! I had this happen to me last semester in my 3rd block of four. I had been really sick and didn't study as well. Took the test and thought I did relatively well (within the 75% range needed). I hit the submit button and WHAM! I got the worst score on that test that I have ever gotten on any test in this program. To make matters worse, in my shocked state, I ran my test scores and found out my average had dropped from an 81% to a 66% with only a final left. I thought I was done. Luckily my hubby is more rational and figured out I had added in the final to my score and given myself a zero. It was horrible. I learned that I should never run test averages when in a state of shock

    Going to see your instructor to review the test is a great idea. From there see where you can improve your study habits. Was this a matter of slacking off just a little? Did you not study the right material? not understand the question?

    I have a hard time with Fluid and Electrolytes and every time we have a test, I tend to do slightly lower than my other tests. So I picked up a few extra books to help make the subject matter easier to understand.

    The good news is that your still passing You still have a chance to bring that score up! You are already taking the right steps.

    Let us know how the next one goes!

  10. by   biblepoet
    I think it happens to us all. I know it happened to me. Just stay focused and be prepared for the next one. Good luck an all.