1. Hey guys, I am making this essay more then what it is.
    I am wanting a little help. This is just for my English class to show that I can write a short essay, but I have trouble getting started with a short essay.

    Here it is:

    Min 600 words (not long at all), Must have 4 points in Body, Thesis, and conclusion. This is just your stardard essay.

    Here are the topics that I have to chose from

    -How to manage stress, stagefright, homesickness, or an irrational fear.

    -How something in nature works or was formed
    -How to select a car, home, etc
    -how a famous invention or discovery occurred
    -how to plan the perfect party, wedding, holiday, or celebration
    -how a historical event occurred or an important law that was passed.

    Here is what I was thinking.
    -slavery, electricity, telephone, cotton gin, automobile, grand canyon, or something along those lines.

    My question is what do you all think would be a good one and what do you think is four good points in order on how it happened? Thanks and sorry for making this more then it is, but the teacher gave us a broad area to chose from.
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  3. by   essarge
    Whatever subject you decide on, the easiest way to start out is to put your four points in the opening paragraph and then follow that as an "outline" as you expand on each one. Being in nursing perhaps you could do a paper on "Handwashing, the most important discovery to prevent infection" and go into who discovered it and what has happened (in four points) since then to make it so important. Just a suggestion.
  4. by   rnnurse2be
    I always found brainstorming first made a difference. Write out everything you can think of that went a long w/ your topic, arrange it in the order of how you want to see in the paper... then type. Review your work... fix what you dont like... ect...

    I also found it REALLLLLLLY Helps when you do it on a topic/subject you know about, or like!

  5. by   OnMyWay
    First I would pick something you are familiar with (if you're married mabye planning a wedding) or buying your first car. Then, on a piece of paper write a list of the things you did: ie:
    Make the guest list
    choose the place
    hire photographer, caterer, flowers, minister, etc....
    choose the dresss and tuxes
    make seating chart,
    choose honeymoon location, etc, etc, etc,
    Then expand those short thoughts into complete sentences...
    Good luck!
  6. by   LPNtoBSNstudent
    I always chose my essay topic papers based on what I wanted to know/learn more about. Your thesis should be INSIDE the introduction, stating something like..."In this essay/paper I intend to discuss/show the three steps necessary for coal to form into a diamond, and also discuss the basic facts surrounding the diamond trade" or whatever you are going to write about...(I have diamonds on the brain today...!) Anyway, then you will want to make sure that your introduction and conclusion are linked together...the conclusion needs to refer back to what you wrote in the intro and be sure do not give any extra or new information within the conclusion, just summarize what you have written within the body.

    It works best for me to actually do an outline, and write the body of the paper first. When writing facts within the paper, obviously you have to cite your references, but to make it flow smoothly, it helps to use words that make it flow well, from sentence to sentence (such as consequently, however, secondly, lastly, finally, as a result, in addition to...etc- you get the picture)
    Good luck! Hope that helped!
  7. by   GAstudent
    Well I was thinking of doing how something in nature works or was formed. So I began looking up Tornado, hurricane, volcano, thunderstorm, etc, but I do think that the Handwashing idea is great! I just tend to make things more then what they are. Thanks for the help and I will let you know how I do.
  8. by   GAstudent
    Would you consider handwashing a common ailment, (ig hiccups, insomenia, cold, etc?
  9. by   GAstudent
    I think that I am going to do my essay on why I decided to become a nurse and why I choose my RN over LPN.
  10. by   essarge
    Sounds like a good choice! Just remember KISS....Keep it simple sam!!!