ERI Testing Program/ RNCAP Pharm exam

  1. Do any of you have to take this test? I have it in a couple of weeks and no idea of what to expect. Instructors haven't said a word about it, we just got an email with the dates and how to register. I don't know if maybe they talked about it in clinicals (I am part time and not in them; I think they forget about us part-timers sometimes).
    I am halfway thru my pharm class now.
    Can anyone tell me anything about the ERI RNCAP Pharmacology exam? What to expect, how hard you thought it was, how much dosage calcs vs. actual drug/med questions, etc? TIA for any feedback!
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  3. by   mitchsmom
    Man, no one knows anything about this?
  4. by   rpbear
    I had to take the other ERI RNCAP test, but I don't remember the pharm one. I don't think I had to take it. Anyway, the other one was basically over EVEYTHING. I know that is hard to hear and you can't study for it so don't try. I would guess that the pharm one would be over everything too.

    Sorry I wasn't much help.
  5. by   ichibanjohn
    The pharm ERI is one of the worst!! You must be lucky to pass it.
  6. by   PsychNurseWannaBe
    Take the practice one first. I had to take many ERIs and some were just horrible. I think Pharm was one that was a little harder. We were allowed to retake several times if need be.