ERI Question for those who have done it

  1. I'm sure this has been asked before but..........
    I'm currently in MedSurge & will be taking my Fundamentals ERI this upcoming Monday. This will be the 1st "real" ERI I have taken as the only other one was the one that tells you about your study skills. Any suggestions for how to study for it? I thought about something like the Saunders NCLEX review book but I've read so many post about ERI not being anything like NCLEX?? I'm so nervous about this test, even though I did fine in my Fundamentals class. It makes me nervous just not knowing the ERI format or what to expect. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!!
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  3. by   pinkiepie_RN
    I took the ERI and it was formatted like the NCLEX (I think there were some SATA maybe and it was multiple choice and timed) but the material was much more hit or miss. I felt like what was covered in class was different than what was covered on the corresponding ERI test. I know the ERI website has free tests, review material, and audio, which I found helpful in general. At my school we just had to pass the test but we had unlimited tries in the computer lab to take it up to 6 weeks into the next semester. It was paper, pencil and scantron for the first time but to re-take was in the computer lab. I took the Fundamentals, Med/Surg, OB, Peds, and Comprehensive ERI tests and the only one I had to re-take was the Med/Surg one and that's because I fell a few points shy of the passing average.

    Good luck!
  4. by   mb1949
    I done quite a few ERI's did great on some and just passed others, the Saunders book will help, mostly just relax if you did in well in class you do fine on the ERI
  5. by   howsoon
    Thanks for the repies. I bought my Saunders NCLEX book & have started reviewing it. I'm also doing the practice exams on the ERI site. Thanks again.