ERI-Math Calculations

  1. Has anyone taken the Math ERI before??? How is it? I take it on Dec 4th. We have to make the National Average( what that may be who ) or we fail out of the class. We do get 2 trys but I would love to know what Im about to do. Any info is greatly apperciated!!
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  3. by   Conrad283
    What does the ERI stand for?
  4. by   09RN
    Quote from Conrad283
    What does the ERI stand for?
    Educational Resources Inc. Its a standardize test. We have to take 1 - 2 each semester.
  5. by   flightnurse2b
    i didnt think the math or the pharm. on ERI was too bad. theres alot of word vomit in there sometimes though. but if you go on and sign in, you can do the practice tests. they help alot! good luck!!!