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Ok.. How many of you have tried any of those energy drinks that they sell at gas stations... There is the Amp (made by Mountain Dew) and Sobe Adrenaline Rush, and a couple others.. I have a test... Read More

  1. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    By KRVRN

    Isn't xenedrine ephedra? Bad for you if it is.
    Is there a study with peer review?
    Would you believe information about a substance was accurate enough to administer to a pt of yours without one?

    Last time I looked all the bad news about ephedra was anecdotal. Sure, I've "heard" the stories of the drug screen that came back + for amphetamines with the pt reporting that they took ephedra. I'm sure everyone treated in the ER is very honest about what they are taking. I'm sure adolescents don't lie to thier mothers about the ecstasy at the rave and tell them it was just some ephedra they were taking for dieting......would they?.......nawwww

    Now for some more anecdotal evidence:
    I have been taking ephedra for 13 years. I take it with some form of caffiene, and I take more than one dose a day when studying or working. The only complication I've ever had is insomnia when I take it after 4pm. No holes in my heart, no chest pain, no ER visits, and as far as I can tell I haven't had a massive stroke, although it is finals week so I'm at risk for it :chuckle

    Sorry to get on my soapbox about your innocent comment. I know you didn't mean anything by it, the issue just grates on me. I've been hearing that through the media for years and years. I used to do returns at the nutrition store where I worked. These wide-eyed customers would come in breathless and frightened by a news blurb, or the magazine article. They would usualy present an unopened bottle with an expression of complete regret.......poor things ephedraforme!!
    The government made anabolic steroids a controlled substance without such peer reviewed studies. I suppose after awhile the general public will be wooed by the warnings of all these fictional maladys to demand the same.

    For the meantime I will take my 800mg cap of ephedra when everyone else is psychosomatic over 300mg. I will hold my breath for the day when the politicians trade one of my great pleasures in life for a few votes from a frightened, blissfully ignorant public.
  2. by   Ortho_RN
    Originally posted by nursing 101
    Where do you get those drinks... Maybe it's age but I find it hard to study if I don't get a good noght sleep... What is Amp? lease explain... I'm even going to try memory pills... lol (Do they really work?)
    Well mostly I have seen them at the Gas Stations/Conveinence stores... They are those drinks in those lil bitty cans, probably about 8.5mls thats all.... Amp is the name of the one put out by Mountain Dew... It is based off the flavor of Mountain Dew but has all those herbs that are suppose to help keep you awake give energy etc... They worked for me.. I wasn't bouncing off the walls but I didn't fall asleep while I read 7 chapters on maternity either... They cost about 1.50 a can so they aren't cheap... Try one of those before you pop pills Good Luck