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  1. by   Spill
    Yang--- its the same Health HX from last semester w/ the indepth Assessment.

    -you can print it out from Ecampus in your clinical handbook area, or you can copy it or tear it out of your syllabus.
  2. by   mysterious_one
    Quote from Pecked2DthByChickens
    Good idea. I have looked at the lecture notes, handouts, and Evolve study questions but I guess I forgot about the actual Study Guide. I'll try that. I am just having trouble picking out the main ideas to be studied. Thanks.
    To focus for your first test: remember Meds pub for communication questions, and there is a book I used, to help me focus and study, (which I think we have told you about before, so forgive me if we did). I really recommend it, it is called : Fundamentals Success , it will help you all through first semester.
  3. by   Yin Yang
    Thanks Spill....I wasn't sure if it was the same or not....it seems so non applicable to children, but I guess if that particular part doesn't apply, we just write N/A. I just want to get through it lol

  4. by   Spill
    UM, I think the group that is doing Peds first is using the form we went over in seminar- that is the form you will use for your MCP I heard. You don't use the form in the clinical handbook.

    You may want to double check that.
  5. by   Yin Yang
    Thats the form we use for all Pedi careplans....something has to be different for the major, right?? I'm so stressed about this stupid thing.... I'll just take both and get all the info I can.

    Thanks Spill!

  6. by   Spill
    don't stress!!! hang in there- we all know you will pull an A anyways!
  7. by   Yin Yang
    I can't help it....I stress and then that drives me to perform better. I just would feel better if I knew what info I needed, and didn't have to speculate. Thanks for the encouragement though...it helps too!

  8. by   JaxiaKiley
    In the seminar, she said the major was basically the same as the one we went over with a few extras. I hope she gives us the extras before we start the day.
  9. by   Spill
    How is peds going?

    I worked L & D this past week and it was the best day I've ever had in clinical! I loved it! I"m thinking I may want to do that when I become an RN. I saw 2 C-Sect, 2 Vag, and 2 Tubals!!!! Not to mention all the things that were going on in between all that all day! It was awesome!

    I was originally thinking I might want to do OR, then I thought maybe NICU, but now I'm all about L & D.

    Good luck on test 1 this week, ours is on Tues morning! I haven't prepared as well as I should be- but I will cram it all in on Monday :spin:
  10. by   Yin Yang
    I'm excited to do L&D - I've always loved that. Peds has been good - but they really are different little critters to take care of from a nursing perspective. I got to do one day in the Ped ICU which was fabulous. However, 30 minutes into the shift, my baby tried to crater on us. He did fine though, but I got to restrain while they were bagging him and getting the docs in and stuff....stressful, but really interesting.

    Hope L&D is busy for me!
  11. by   Spill
    wow- that would be very stressfull Yang- you sound like you jumped right in and helped as much as you could

    When is your test #1?
  12. by   Yin Yang
    Our first test is Wednesday morning....none of us feel like we've studied like we should...I'm normally way more on top of things than this.

    Good luck!

  13. by   Pecked2DthByChickens
    I have my check off tomorrow morning, first-thing. But I am a bit confused on the initial flush...

    When making the first water flush (prior to formula), is it performed with the plunger and syringe intact or is it with just the syringe as a gravity flush?

    The video shows it one way and we have all been practicing it a different way in lab. We only saw one demo and I forget how the prof did it.

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